Dadawah – Dadawah: Peace And Love

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Dadawah - Dadawah: Peace And Love

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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March 15, 2024
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1 Run Come Rally
2 Seventy-Two Nations
3 Zion Land
4 Know How You Stand

1 Burning Drums
2 Mother Mary
3 Brand New Version *
4 Question Sign *
5 Now You Can See Me Again (instr.) *
6 I’m A Changed Man instr. *
7 Let Go instrumental *
8 Gathering Version *
9 I’m Falling In Love With You Dub *
10 Long Dub *
11 Honey Version *
12 After Midnight*
13 Dub Waiting *
14 Dub Slave *
15 Dub Don’t Cry *
16 Roots Of Africa *
17 My Rhythm *
18 Just A Drea (Version) *
19 Love For Dub *
20 Imagination Version *
21 Devoted Skank *
* new to CD

Dadawah is Ras Michael (real name Michael George Henry) born 1943 in St. Mary’s, Jamaica. With 19 tracks new to CD and being one of the most acclaimed albums in the Jamaican music history ‘Peace And Love’ was released in both Jamaica and the UK in 1974, in Jamaica on the Wild Flower label and in the UK on the Trojan label. The album consisted of four Rasta flavoured extended mixes which includes the chanting of The Sons Of Negus. The second disc collects the best of Lloyd Charmers Dub output from the mid-’70s and includes mixes of many of the biggest Reggae hits of the period. We take a look at a selection of these.


1. RUN COME RALLY. A very long spoken intro beforeit moves into a bongo drums- based sound. Dadawah does sing helped-out by The Sons Of Negus. The rhythm track, if you can call it that is slow and one ends-up listening to a strange Rasta sound. 2. SEVENTY-TWO NATIONS. More of the same with Dadawah giving another spoken intro over a bongo led backing track. We hear a spoken/sung vocal and the rhythm is again on the slow side, another Rasta recording and 10mins 23secs in duration. This track can also be found on the Trojan Box Set ‘Nyahbinghi’ from 2003. 3. ZION LAND. Once again bongo drums to the fore with the vocal this time being sung. There is more of a Reggae rhythm and some percussion from time-to-time along with a chorus from The Sons Of Negus.

DISC TWO: FIRE BURNING – CHARMERS IN DUB 1973 – 1976 (A selection)

1. BURNING DRUMS. This is bongo drums dominated with some percussion. As Dub goes it is very catchy and a good sound to start disc two. 4. QUESTION SIGN – LLOYD CHARMERS & THE CHARMERS DUB BAND. Here we have a Dub version of the Lloyd Charmers recording of the Clyde McPhatter pop hit from 1958 awhich has been covered in a Reggae style by various Reggae artists. The tune lends itself well to this Dub genre. 5. NOW YOU CAN SEE ME AGAIN – KEN BOOTHE & THE CHARMERS DUB BAND. Some pop hits do not lend themselves well to the Dub genre, in this case it does. Starting off with a Reggae style intro before the Dub style comes into its own and there are vocals at various times throughout. If you liked the pop version then this will not disappoint. 6. I’M A CHANGED MAN – B.B SEATON & THE CHARMERS DUB BAND. Starting off with a vocal intro on which Seaton is joined by a chorus before it goes into a Dub sound. The chorus returns from time-to-time throughout. There is some fine organ work and the usual heavy drumming and it is a catchy number. 10. I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU DUB – C.H.A.R.M. This comes with a long intro before going into a heavy bass Dub sound and again we hear a chorus at various times and Lloyd Charmers makes an appearance. This gets the toes-tapping and it ends up as a catchy sound. 12. AFTER MIDNIGHT – C.H.A.R.M. This is a Dub sound that comes with a Reggae rhythm at times and some vocal work, probably Lloyd Charmers. Good bass guitar work on this along with some organ at various times throughout and one would say it is one of the top tracks on the disc. 17. MY RHYTHM – DELROY WILSON & THE CHARMERS DUB BAND. A weird start to this before we hear a drum dominated sound with some vocal work at various times throughout. This track doesn’t really go anywhere although in a strange way it keeps one interested. 20. NATURAL THING – THE CONNECTION. Not heard this outfit before but one has to say that they do a fine job on this very bass orientated number. The vocals come-and-go and we end up listening to one of the top tracks on this disc. 21. LOVE FOR DUB – KEN BOOTHE & THE CONNECTION. Ken Boothe makes a fleeting appearance on this bass lead number that does have the Reggae rhythm at various times. Ken’s vocal is somewhat in the background, the overall sound is good and this track is catchy. 22. DEVOTED SKANK – WILLIE LINDO & THE CHARMERS DUB BAND. If you remember the pop recording of ‘Devoted To You’ by The Everley Brothers then this will be familiar. Although it is a Dub sound it is less in the genre than other tracks with Willie Lindo doing his usual fine job on guitar and the tune lends itself well to being put into the Dub genre. As the final track on the disc it is a good one.

In conclusion, the original Dadawah album was released in both Jamaica and the UK in 1974 and comes as a sublime, mesmeric and sometimes semi-psychedelic collection. It has long been an overdue re-issue on CD. The second disc re-enhances the Dub genre with tracks that are the best from Lloyd Charmers Dub output from the mid-’70s. One is not a big fan of the Dub genre, but for those who are this at £14 99p could well be worth inclusion into a Jamaican music collection.

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