Treesha – Love, Scars N’ Attitude

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Treesha - Love, Scars N' Attitude

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Twende Records/Fairtone Records
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March 1, 2024
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01. Tornado
02. Positive Thoughts feat. Gentleman
03. Don’t Waste My Time
04. Living This Way feat. Turbulence
05. Now I’m Up
06. Notorious
07. Dunkin In High Heels
08. Got Da Juice
09. Chat Box feat. Tanya Stephens
10. Falling Sky
11. What’s Your Problem?
12. Wonders feat. Bugle
13. Forbidden Fruit
After nearly ten years since Treesha’s debut album, fans of the Germany-based songstress can finally rejoice as her highly anticipated second album has hit the street.

Who’s Treesha?

Patricia Wambui Mwaura, also known as Treesha, which means ‘Singer of Songs’ in her native Kikuyu language, was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She began singing at a young age and was influenced by her father, John Ben Mwaura, who was a singer and guitarist. Treesha joined her school choir and later a church Gospel choir to develop her vocal skills. She moved to Europe and started performing at Bruegels Restaurant in Cologne, Germany, where she sang Top 40 Hits. In April 2012, she joined Gentleman & the Evolution Band, replacing Mamadee as a backing vocalist. While on tour, Treesha caught the attention of Skarra Mucci, a Jamaican artist living in Europe, who signed her to his Undisputed Records label. This led to the release of her debut album, Listen, which features 15 tracks.


People such as Protoje’s drummer Kongz, Evolution Band members Frank “Pollensi” Pollak, Guiseppe “Big Finga” Coppola, Fabian “Odi” Zepezauer and Florian “Stahl” Münzer, UK-based Kage Sparks and Scribe, Jamaican vocalist/producer Denham Smith, J-Nyce from Saint Kitts and Nevis, and MediSun, previously known as King Mas, were involved in the production and creation of this album, which took about three years to complete.

Versatile Artist

In comparison to her 2015 debut album, Love, Scars N’ Attitude demonstrates a clear progression and advancement in her abilities. She has evolved into a more versatile artist who no longer relies solely on her strong vocal presence. The new album transcends being just a compilation of songs and instead tells the powerful tale of her journey of personal transformation and artistic maturation. Love, Scars N’ Attitude showcases a diverse range of sounds, including lively Afrobeats riddims (Tornado), soulful reggae vibes (Don’t Waste My Time), and the bold energy of hip-hop (Falling Sky). In addition, Treesha manages to hold its own in collaboration songs with Gentleman, Turbulence, Tanya Stephens and Bugle. Treesha takes off like a whirlwind in the infectious opening track, Tornado, and hardly stops doing so until the album ends with the catchy Forbidden Fruit. In between, she presents the forthcoming single Don’t Waste My Time, a poignant yet firm perspective on appreciating one’s own path. The engaging What’s Your Problem? explores a similar theme in a beautiful way. Furthermore, there’s Now I’m Up, a slow-paced empowering song celebrating progress and self-determination. The collaboration with German reggae star Gentleman on the previously released single Positive Thoughts is an instant standout, as is the thought-provoking Living This Way featuring Turbulence. The harmonious blend of Treesha and Tanya Stephens on Chat Box is also a standout track not to be missed.

In all, a well-varied and fully entertaining album from an artist who deserves to be heard by any music lover.

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