Black Roots – Roots

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Black Roots - Roots

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Nubian Records
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April 12, 2024
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1. Berlin Conference
2. Delete
3. Exploited
4. Fi Once
5. First One
6. Free Africa
7. In The Waiting
8. No Suffering
9. Nuh Bada Wid It
10. Oh Yh
11. Only Son
12. Plot
13. Rise Up
14. Roots
15. So Many Things
16. Tell Me Why
17. Too Holy
18. Windrush

Latest Release

Black Roots, the roots reggae band hailing from Bristol UK, remains active forty-five years after its formation. Although some of the original members have passed away, the band continues to perform live and release new music with a revised lineup. Their latest release is an 18-track album titled Roots, which follows up the 2021 album Nothing In The Larder. This collection of new songs aims to inspire Black people to explore and embrace their heritage, as reflected in the album’s title.

Top-tier Music

Produced in collaboration with bassist Colin “Steamfish” McNeish of Black Slate, this album showcases top-tier modern roots music. With its infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, expertly arranged horns, and spiritually uplifting vibes, this is reggae music at its finest. It clearly demonstrates that Black Roots remains steadfast in their commitment to their foundational principles. Usually, albums with a lot of songs tend to have some fillers. Fortunately, this album doesn’t have any disappointing moments – the featured tracks are consistently solid to excellent.


Black Roots’ new album delves into the ancestral roots of Black people, beginning with their origins in Kemet, the ancient name for Egypt, where the Kushites, later known as Nubians, established their civilization 5,000 years ago. This theme is highlighted in the album’s title track, the superb Roots. Other themes that are touched throughout the album include injustice, oppression, environmental issues, and the current unrest in the world. Although the lyrics may be serious, the music has a joyful and uplifting energy that is bound to uplift anyone who listens to the album.


The initial three songs on the album set the mood perfectly, especially the second track, Delete. However, it should be noted that this title is not meant to be taken literally, as it is a powerful anthem addressing the issue of white supremacy. Similarly powerful is Exploited, a significant and mindful track that explores the theme of taking advantage of the vulnerable. Combined with Fi Once, these songs provide a strong opening to this collection. The next track, the slow-paced First One with its nice horn play, is a compelling tune that will surely capture the attention of many listeners. After just five songs, it is evident that Black Roots has created an album that will be loved by their loyal fans and fellow reggae lovers. When you listen to the rest of the tracks, it becomes clear that each song holds its own unique meaning. Although every track deserves repeated listens, it are in particular songs like In The Waiting, Only Son, So Many Things, Roots, and the album closer Windrush that one can listen to over and over again.

There’s no reason at all for excluding this new Black Roots album from any reggae collection.

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