Delroy Wilson & Ken Boothe – Sarge/Unlimited

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Delroy Wilson & Ken Boothe - Sarge/Unlimited

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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April 19, 2024
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1 I’m Still Waiting
2 My Conversation
3 Moving Away
4 I Don’t Want To See You Cry
5 My Cecilia
6 Ain’t That Loving You
7 Got A Date
8 Everybody Needs Love
9 Green Green Grass Of Home
10 Too Late For The Learning
11 Imagination (12” mix) *
12 I’m Still Waiting (12” mix) *
13 I Don’t Want To See You Cry (12” mix) *
14 My Cecilia (12” mix) *
15 Green, Green Grass Of Home (12” mix) *


1 I’m The One That Love Forgot / Intro Drums & Bass
2 Missing You / And The Rest Of The Instruments
3 Look What You’ve Done To Me / You’ve Broken The Guitar
4 Second Chance / To Get Rhythm
5 Ain’t No Sunshine / Only Precaution
6 That’s The Way Nature Planned It (12” mix) *
7 Leaving Me (12” mix) *
8 I’m Falling In Love With You (12” mix) *
9 Let Go (12” mix) *
10 Now You Can See Me Again (12” mix) *
11 Walk Away From Love (12” mix) *
12 You To Me Are Everything (12” mix) *
* New to CD

With 13 tracks new to CD this collection from two Jamaican legends contains various ’70s Reggae classics. At the early age of 13, Delroy Wilson was becoming established on the Jamaican music scene in the early ’60s. Success was Delroy’s throughout the ’60s but by the mid-’70s his career had stalked. Lloyd Charmers a friend and one of Jamaica’s top hitmakers came along and put Delroy’s career back on track. It was a version of Bob Marley’s ‘I’m Still Waiting’ that helped to do this, it sold thousands amongst Jamaican record buyers and the same happened in the UK. This collection also includes the Charmers produced album ‘Boothe Unlimited’ on which Ken Boothe is at his recording best. This also includes a number of long-lost extended mixes.


1. I’M STILL WAITING. What a way to start this disc, this legendary recording is always good to listen too and the rhythm track comes mid-tempo with Delroy being joined by a chorus. Most Jamaican music fans will have found this on previous Delroy Wilson albums and various artist recordings. 2. MY CONVERSATION. Coming with a mid-tempo rhythm track and Delroy is again joined by a backing chorus. The piano playing is infectious and the overall sound has at times the ‘I’m Your Puppet’ feel. It was also recorded by Slim Smith & The Uniques and Cornell Campbell. 3. MOVING AWAY. This is a faster track and Delroy gives the listener a cool vocal helped-out by another chorus. The backing comes uncluttered and is infectious getting the feet-tapping. Reggae at its classic best. 4. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU CRY. This may well be familiar to the listener as it was also recorded by Ken Boothe. The rhythm is mid-tempo and Delroy does a fine vocal job. This is as good as any other versions and is a top tune from the original album. Released in Jamaica on the LTD label in 1976. 5. MY CECILIA. Another mid-tempo number with a top-notch vocal and pulsating rhythm track. Delroy is joined by a chorus from time-to-time. Released in Jamaica on the LTD label in 1976. 6. AIN’T THAT LOVING YOU. This is a cool slice of Reggae with Delroy’s vocal floating over a punchy rhythm track. Once again the vocalist is joined by a chorus and we hear some fine percussion. One of the original albums top tracks and several artists have recorded the song, the first being a pop version by Johnny Taylor in 1967, Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis and U Roy also recorded versions of the song. 7. GOT A DATE. This has a heavier rhythm track than most of the previous tracks. It comes with the now expected chorus which is present most of the way throughout and one ends up listening to Reggae at its best. 8. EVERYBODY NEEDS LOVE. This comes with Delroy at his vocal best on a song recorded by numerous artists over the years, including Glady’s Knight & The Pips, Jimmy Ruffin and in the Reggae genre Slim Smith and several more. This has a punchy rhythm track and it has some fine organ work. 9. GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME. Yes, you have probably guessed that it is a version of the Tom Jones hit, a good one at that. It is slower than most previous tracks and has a laid-back rhythm track. 10. TO LATE FOR LEARNING. Faster than the previous track and here we have Delroy sounding younger than on most of the tracks. Towards the middle of this recording one hears some piano work and this is a self-penned number. The rhythm track comes as straight Reggae and is the concluding track from the original album.


11 IMAGINATION (12″ mix)
12 I’M STILL WAITING (12″ mix)
13 I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU CRY (12″ mix)
14 MY CECELIA (12″ mix)


1. I’M THE ONE LOVE FORGOT. This comes with the soulful voice of one of Jamaica’s top artists, The rhythm track comes mid-tempo and Ken is joined by a female chorus. Nothing special about the backing track, just classic Reggae. 2. MISSING YOU. The song and lyrics are by the vocalist and the track comes mid-tempo. Ken’s vocal is full-on and soulful with a punchy backing. If soulful Reggae is for you, this track will not disappoint. This was originally the B side on the original recording, the next track being the A side. Released in Jamaica on the Federal label in 1973. 3. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME. Slower than the previous track and has Ken doing a fine job on the vocal. A chorus is present most of the way through and the rhythm track is laid-back, some percussion work is present. Released in Jamaica on the Splash label in 1972. 4. SECOND CHANCE. Ken is joined on this slow number by a female vocalist and together they work well. The rhythm track is laid-back and Ken is again in a soulful mood. Released in Jamaica on the Federal label in 1973. 5. AIN’T NO SUNSHINE. No doubt the listener will have come across this track before as it has appeared on many of Ken’s other albums and various artist compilations. A chorus is present from time-to-time and in its way this is a Ken Boothe classic. This was originally recorded by Bill Withers and Ken gives it the full Reggae treatment.

BONUS TRACKS (a selection)

6. THAT’S THE WAY NATURE PLANNED IT (12″ MIX). Another track that will be familiar, especially Ken Boothe fans. This was originally recorded by The Four Tops and it lends itself well to Ken’s treatment. Helped-out by a chorus and with a punchy rhythm track this is the vocalist at his best. Released in UK on the Trojan label in 1974. 8. I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU (12″ mix). This has a long intro before Ken comes in with a full-on Soul vocal. More chorus work from time-to-time fronting another mid-tempo and punchy rhythm track. Several other versions have been recorded over the years by various artists. 10. NOW YOU CAN SEE ME AGAIN (12″ mix). A version of the Three Degrees pop hit and the song lends itself well to this genre. Ken’s soulful voice does this justice and the backing track is at a faster pace than on previous tracks, a chorus is present again. 12. YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING (12″ mix). This is a version of a big chart hit for The Real Thing back in the 70’s and here we have Ken at his vocal best. If you like soulful Reggae then it does not come much better than this. The backing track is catchy, coming with a flute prominent. Ken’s vocal is suited to this and it finishes the original album tracks and this disc perfectly.

In conclusion one has to say it is good to have two of Jamaica’s top artists on this 2xCD collection and 13 tracks new to CD. The Delroy Wilson album has not been available for decades and only once before has it been on CD. The second album from Ken Boothe comes with rare and extended mixes that have not been on CD before. This collection is full of top recordings and the production work from Lloyd Charmers makes this a worthy addition to any Jamaican music collection. The included 8 page booklet comes full of useful information and the collection comes with a price tag of £14 99p.

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