L.A.B – L.A.B VI

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L.A.B - L.A. B VI

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LOOP / Easy Star Records
LP / CD / DR
Street date
February, 2024
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1. Give Me That Feeling
2. Casanova
3. Ocean Demon
4. Oh No (Pt. 2)
5. Follow
6. Crazy Dream
7. Mr. Rave Rider
8. Signs
9. I Believe ft. Aja
10. Take It Away
11. Trying to Catch Me
New Zealand collective L.A.B has demonstrated significant growth in recent years, releasing five albums in as many years and maintaining a rigorous touring schedule that has garnered a strong following worldwide. Even the discerning audience at Amsterdam’s Paradiso reacted with excitement to the band’s genre-defying music and dynamic live performance. The band’s numerous awards are a testament to their widespread acclaim and the infectious appeal of their diverse blend of genres, including reggae, soul, and funk with hints of 1980s influence. L.A.B’s ability to captivate music lovers with their unique style sets them apart in the music industry.

L.A.B’s music may not be an obvious fit for our reggae and dancehall-focused site, but somehow it manages to captivate us and find a special place in our hearts. Their latest album, which was recently released, offers a delightful mix of well-arranged reggae tunes, a heartfelt ballad, and a collection of catchy pop/soul songs that the band has become known for. The opening track immediately brings to mind the soulful sounds of Al Green, with its Hammond organ-like accompaniment and gospel-inspired background choirs creating a truly wonderful tune. The album then takes an unexpected turn with Casanova, a lively cover of LeVert’s popular 1987 New Jack Swing hit, adding an energetic up-tempo twist to the mix.

Once again L.A.B has delivered an irresistibly groovy reggae tune with Ocean Demon, showcasing their signature reggae sound. The surprising intro is definitely worth checking out! Moving on to Oh No (Pt 2), we are taken back to the synth/funk beat of the 1980s, creating a stark contrast with the semi-acoustic Follow that comes after. Mr Rave Rider brings back a irresistible Bob Marley-esque riddim, followed by Signs, another reggae tune with beautifully integrated horn parts.

Crazy Dream, performed to a dynamic reggae/ska riddim, is a spirited song that evokes nostalgia for the vibrant ska scene in the U.K. during the early 1980s. The ballad I Believe doesn’t quite fit our style, so let’s move on to Take It Away, which blends a catchy reggae riddim with powerful guitar riffs to create a rock feel. In the track Trying To Catch Me, drummer Brad Kora showcases his smooth vocals, accompanied by a well-crafted arrangement reminiscent of the mellow country rock sound of bands like The Eagles…and that’s high praise!

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