Linval Thompson Meets Roberto Sánchez At The Ark – Marijuana Sessions In Dub

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Linval Thompson meets Roberto Sánchez at the Ark - Marijuana Sessions In Dub

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A-Lone Productions
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May 24, 2024
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01. Marijuana Dub
02. Big Big Girl Dub
03. Follow Fashion Dub
04. Just Another Girl Dub
05. Dread At The Ark Dub
06. Roots Lady Dub
07. Starlight Dub
08. Cheater Dub
09. I’m Running Dub
10. Channel One Meets The Ark

After having backed Linval Thompson during shows in Spain, France and Portugal in 2009, the link between Jamaican producer Linval Thompson and Roberto Sánchez of the Lone Ark Riddim Force has become a strong one. They have collaborated on various recordings and releases for multiple labels. Linval also shared original material he produced at Channel One in the late ’70s and early ’80s, including a lot of material that hadn’t been dubbed. Among the files he sent was a significant portion of the riddims recorded in the sessions for his self-produced second album, <em>I Love Marijuana</em>, released in 1978.

Therefore, it was inevitable that some day a project featuring dubs would be unveiled. And here it is. Entitled <em>Marijuana Sessions In Dub</em>, this 10-track dub album was mixed by Roberto Sánchez out of Linval Thompson’s original 1978 Channel One/King Tubby’s tapes. Most of the riddims come from his first self-produced sessions for the <em>I Love Marijuana</em> album. Only a few tracks from that album have been released on 7″ single alongside its dub counterpart or as part of an album. And thus, this is the first time most of the tracks have been dubbed for an album. The musicians included are Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Leroy “Horse Mouth” Wallace, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Earl “Chinna” Smith, “Ossie” Hibbert, Ansel Collins and Sly Dunbar.

<em>Marijuana Sessions In Dub</em> features seven dubs of tunes included in the original album. Although some of the songs were dubbed before on 7″ or dub LPs, some of them are dubbed here for the first time. Included are dubs of <em>I love Marijuana, Big Big Girl, Not Follow Fashion, Just Another Girl, Dread Are The Controller, Roots Lady</em> and <em>Starlight</em>. The three last tracks of the set are dub versions of songs from the same Channel One period, including <em>Cheater Dub</em>, which is a different version of <em>Lion Dub</em> from the <em>Negrea Love Dub</em> album. Each track has been mixed while honoring the original sound and adhering to the dub tradition. This was achieved by utilizing an analog delay and spring reverb on an MCI mixing board, along with the use of an original Altec low pass filter.

One for fans of vintage dub music.

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