Lone Ranger – Dee Jay Daddy

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Lone Ranger - Dee Jay Daddy

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Patate Records
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March 15, 2024
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Side A
1. Dee Jay Daddy
2. Jennifer Lee
3. Suzan A Gorgon
4. Big Everytime
5. Look How She Fat

Side B
1. Style And Fashion
2. Me And Yvette
3. Noah’s Ark
4. Jamaica Nice
5. Walk Man Connection

Lone Ranger quote: “The Channel One riddims were the riddims of the time. But not all singers and deejays sang on those riddims. It was my style.”

Most Famous Track

Lone Ranger, whose real name is Anthony Waldron, spent a significant part of his early years in the UK before returning to Kingston, Jamaica. He initially collaborated with Welton Irie at Studio One, owned by Coxsone Dodd, before pursuing a solo career. He began toasting over riddim tracks from the rocksteady and roots reggae genres, using past hits from Studio One as inspiration. Lone Ranger later became the primary deejay for the Virgo Hi Fi Sound System, which was voted the top sound system in Jamaica in 1980. His breakthrough hit was Love Bump, on a version of Slim Smith’s Rougher Yet riddim produced by Coxsone Dodd. However, his most famous track is Barnabas Collins, which pays tribute to the vampire character from the TV show ‘Dark Shadows’.

Innovative Stylist

Borrowing his stage name from the popular TV Western hero of the same name, Lone Ranger became a highly influential early dancehall deejay in Jamaica. He was a pioneer in developing a rhythmic, on-the-beat rhyming style that brought deejay toasting into the modern era. With his unique use of bizarre exclamations and sound effects like “bim” and “ribbit,” he was known for his imaginative and creative approach to his lyrics, making him one of the most innovative stylists of his time.

Dee Jay Daddy

With its reissue, Patate Records celebrates the 40th anniversary of Lone Ranger’s 7th full-length album, Dee Jay Daddy (also known as D.J. Daddy), which was originally released in Jamaica on the Techniques label. By the time the Dee Jay Daddy album was released, Lone Ranger had moved to New York from Jamaica. In 1981, he had about five songs in the charts but by 1984, Lone Ranger wasn’t that popular anymore. Despite this, he was still in great form, as demonstrated on this (re-released) LP. Winston Riley, the producer of the album, provided the Ranger with great rub-a-dub riddims, built by the Roots Radics at Channel One. The album kicks off with the title track, Dee Jay Daddy, a charming nod to the artist himself. Following this is Jennifer Lee, which comes across a fresh take on the classic Studio One riddim Darker Shade Of Black by Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors. Suzan A Gorgon is a powerful bass-driven tune set to the updated Studio One riddim, Hot Milk, telling a captivating incredible story of a man fighting woman. Lone Ranger puts his spin on another Studio One classic riddim, Why Oh Why, reimagining the track Noah In The Ark” from the On The Other Side Of Dub LP as Noah’s Ark. The album closes with Walk Man Connection, where Ranger expresses his admiration for the Sony corporation.

Even though Dee Jay Daddy was released 40 years ago, this Lone Ranger LP guarantees a delightful listening experience.

(Note: the ‘Deluxe Edition’ release on digital platforms features an extra track: Style And Version – Original Version)

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