Nga Han – Temple In Man / Temple In Dub

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Nga Han - Temple In Man

Release Info

Tetra Ark Records
CD / LP / DR
Street date
May 24 , 2024
Bandcamp Record Label


Vocal LP

Side A
01. Days Gone Past
02. Once Again
03. Temple In Man
04. Prayer

Side B
01. Revolute
02. Until War
03. Word Sound Power
04. When Jah Speak

Dub LP

Side A
01. Days Dub
02. Dub Again
03. Temple In Dub
04. Prayer Dub

Side B
01. Revolution Dub
02. War Dub
03. Power Dub
04. Jah Dub

After the debut album David Stone was released by California-based Roots Natty Records in 2018, Nga Han embarked on a journey to the coastal lowland region in Northwestern Europe. In the Netherlands, he collaborated with Roots Unity, resulting in the release of his second album, The Living Stream Chapter One, in 2020. Already the same year, he released his third LP, Emergence, recorded with producer Kingston Echo in Belgium. Then, in 2022, he released another album, Abba Chant. About eight months after the release of the Temple In Man album on digital platforms, two seperate LPs have seen the light of day simultaneously, the already known vocal set and its fresh dub counterpart.

Those familiar with Nga Han’s previous works won’t be surprised that his latest album is again filled with spiritual, meditative, and uplifting music. For whom this is a first introduction to his music, it will be a revelation. Especially if it concerns a fan of the late Vaughn Benjamin (aka Midnite aka Akae Beka) and deep roots reggae in general. The Jamaican spiritual roots revivalist once again proves his talent for crafting powerful lyrics, showcasing his skills as a wordsmith, a quality that his fans have come to appreciate. Time spent exploring the album reveals a collection of tunes that emit a serene and calming vibe, with exceptional musicality throughout thanks to the talented instrumentalists involved in its creation.

Accentuated by expertly crafted majestic roots riddims, Nga Han’s profound lyrics are perfectly showcased against a captivating backdrop. The album kicks off with the mesmerizing track Days Gone Past, setting the tone for the entire project with its hypnotic percussion-driven riddim. As the album progresses, listeners are taken on a captivating and inspiring musical journey filled with standout moments. While the true brilliance of the title track Temple In Man may not be immediately obvious on the first listen, repeated plays reveal its compelling and worthwhile nature. The haunting and thought-provoking Revolute also gains strength with each listen, while the powerful Rastafarian anthem When Jah Speak stands out as one of the album’s highlights. The CD and digital versions of the album include two bonus tracks, Nothing New and Inner View. The latter is an exhilarating track that features the mesmerizing sounds of the trombone and trumpet played by Dave ‘King David Horns’ Andrews and Cyrus Yeomans.

While Temple In Dub is clearly targeted towards fans of the vocal set and dub music enthusiasts, it has the potential to resonate with a wide range of listeners. The riddims of the eight vocal cuts are expertly mixed by Uta Maruanaya at Roots Unity Studio adding sound effects such as reverb and echo in a subtle way. Nga Han’s vocal is only occasionally heard in the mix. It enables listeners to concentrate on the strength of the riddims and fuljoy the mood and vibes the create. Even though the vocal and dub form a unity, it’s also possible to fuljoy them seperately.

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