Papa San – Animal Party

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Papa San - Animal Party

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Scar Face Music / Black Solidarity / Patate Records
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May 2024
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1. Human Body
2. D.J. Spirit
3. Serious Woman
4. Pon-Jah-Land
5. Animal Party

1. If She Truck It
2. Insect Session
3. If She Truck It
4. Concept
5. Animal Party Version

Papa San

For over four decades, Tyrone Thompson, better known as Papa San, has captivated audiences with his versatile blend of reggae, dancehall, and gospel music. Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1967, Papa San’s musical journey began in the late 1970s through collaborations with various sound systems. His early recordings like King In the Ring and Touch Me Shirt (1983) showcased his talent. The true launchpad came in 1986 with his debut album, Animal Party, released on the Scar Face label. This vibrant and socially conscious album solidified Papa San’s position as a rising reggae star. The 1990s, however, brought personal tragedy. The murder of his brother, deejay Dirtsman, and other family losses led Papa San to embrace Christianity. This spiritual awakening transformed his music, incorporating elements of gospel and Christian themes. Embracing his newfound faith, Papa San continued to find success. He remains a respected figure in both reggae and gospel genres, showcasing his artistic growth and enduring influence.

Patate Records Reissue

Parisian record haven Patate Records has carved a niche for itself over the years. What began as a brick-and-mortar store for reggae and dancehall enthusiasts has blossomed into a respected record label, breathing new life into classic reggae and dancehall tracks through reissues. One of their latest achievements is the reissue of Papa San’s captivating debut album, Animal Party. This reissue is a treat for fans as it not only features the original nine tracks with remastered audio, but also adds a bonus track – the instrumental version of the title song, aptly titled Animal Party Version. The eye-catching artwork by renowned graphic designer Limonious deserves special mention. It depicts a lively soundsystem scene populated by dancing animals, perfectly capturing the album’s energetic spirit. The album cover alone is enough reason to make a purchase! Production duties were shared by the experienced Ossie Thomas, known for his label Black Solidarity, and Philip Morgan, another producer associated with the label. While details about the musicians remain unknown, the skillful mixing by Bobby Digital ensures a crisp and dynamic sound.

Animal Party

Released in 1986, Animal Party arrived amidst a burgeoning trend of digital riddims pioneered by the likes of King Jammy and King Tubby. This album, however, embraces a more traditional sound. Despite the stripped-down nature of the riddims, real musicians shine through, creating a warm and organic soundscape. Papa San’s infectious energy takes center stage. His rapid-fire delivery leans towards dancehall but avoids venturing into hardcore territory, keeping lyrics engaging and witty. The album opens with the playful Human Body, driven by the recognizable bassline of the Shank I Sheck riddim. Then there’s D.J. Spirit, set to a slower version of the well-known Heavy Rock riddim. “Hallelujah” exclamations weave through biblical references, creating a unique soundscape. A personal favorite track is Pon-Jah-Land, where Papa San’s passionate vocals soar over Studio One’s Heavenless riddim. His performance on Serious Woman demands attention, with a killer bassline anchoring the powerful track. The title track explodes with energy, a joyous celebration of music and freedom. Papa San’s rapid toasting rides the Stormy Weather riddim, originally by trumpeter Bobby Ellis. Flipping the record, the party continues with Insect Session driven by Alton Ellis’ Mad Mad riddim (also known as Diseases riddim). Talking Parrot takes aim at gossipmongers, set to the Watch This Sound riddim, originally released as a single in 1985 on the Rosie Uprising label. Interestingly, If She Truck It showcases Papa San’s versatility with a singjay style over the A Love I Can Feel riddim. The album concludes with a relaxed instrumental version of the title track, offering a mellow send-off.

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