Solo Banton – In This Time

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Solo Banton - In This Time

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Irie Ites Records
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March 2024
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1. Dem Gone 03:54
2. In This Time 04:23
3. Acting Like That ft. Joe Yorke 04:27
4. Aroma 04:11
5. My Youth 03:55
6. Money & Thing 03:30
7. Pass Them 03:31
8. Don’t It ft. Spectacular 03:33
9. Don’t Dub 03:35
10. In This Dub 04:23
11. Acting Like Dub 03:43
12. Dem Gone Dub 03:55
Solo Banton

Solo Banton embarked on his musical journey as a deejay and sound system selector from a young age. Through his association with Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records, he released his debut album in 2010. Following the success of his debut, he released Higher Levels in 2012 and Old Raggamuffin in 2019. After a string of successful shows in 2023 alongside the French sound system and label Irie Ites, a natural creative partnership blossomed and has resulted in his fourth album, In This Time. Solo Banton returns with a potent blend of eight vocal tracks and four dub excursions on this release. His signature powerful and energetic style takes center stage, propelled by the infectious reggae riddims of The Ligerians and West Finga, along with other esteemed musicians. The production by Irie Ites is top-notch, ensuring that each track is polished and well-crafted.

Dynamic collab

The album opens with Dem Gone, a thought-provoking reflection on human impermanence. This track utilizes the solid one-drop beat that underpins Alpha Blondy’s reggae classic Jerusalem, creating a sense of both rootsiness and contemplation. Another highlight is In This Time, a militant and conscious song previously released as a single. The Ligerians provide the perfect foundation for Solo’s powerful delivery. Acting Like That features the talents of English vocalist Joe Yorke alongside Solo Banton. This dynamic collaboration unfolds over a vintage Lee Perry riddim, adding a touch of classic reggae flavor. The aptly titled Aroma is an evocative soundscape that practically conjures up wisps of ganja smoke.

Soundsystem vibes

Money & Ting is his strong statement against criminal activity. Solo emphatically denounces this path, urging listeners to choose a different direction. Don’t It is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, brimming with authentic soundsystem vibes. The foundation draws inspiration from Bunny Wailer’s classic Ram Dancehall riddim, expertly reimagined by Russ D (also known as The Disciples). The track -recorded in 2013- boasts additional support from Jamaican deejay Burnin’ Spectacular, further amplifying Solo’s message. Do check the track Pass Them, which provides encouragement for those struggling with self-doubt. Solo’s lyrics inspire listeners to stay prepared and determined, reminding them that they have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The digital riddim from Naram & Art adds a dynamic and uplifting element to the song, further enhancing its motivational message.


The album concludes with a satisfying selection of dub workouts, including This Dub and Acting Like Dub by the esteemed Roberto Sanchez. These instrumental versions offer a fresh perspective on Solo’s vocals, while showcasing the skills of the musicians involved.

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