TASHEENO – Dance Music Inna Different Style

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TASHEENO - Dance Music Inna Different Style

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Union World Music
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May 17, 2024
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01. Karanga
02. Enter The Dancehall feat. Brother Culture
03. Momento
04. Like Your Moves feat. Redwan
05. Cho Cho Cho(RMX) feat. Skales
06. Tambazo
07. Kaa Fo Edaa feat. Redwan & Raja Flames
08. Beautiful Day feat. Jahcoustix
09. Akey Na Soweto feat. Melane
10. Brighter Side feat. Promise No Promises
11. More In Love feat. Elena Shirin
12. Rub A Dub Dance Anthem feat. General Levy
13. Eyes On You feat. Javada
14. Way Up feat. Tiwony
15. Too Long
16. Akey Na Soweto (Extended) feat. Melane (Bonus Track)

Debut Album

TASHEENO’s debut album, aptly titled Dance Music Inna Different Style, may not adhere to traditional reggae dancehall vibes, but it undeniably offers extremely infectious, energetic, and very danceable music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for any dance as its track order offers party-goers an immersive dancefloor experience. The album’s structure brings you in a great flow as it perfectly alternates high-energy tracks with relaxing efforts. For those not familiar with TASHEENO and their music, here’s a brief introduction.


TASHEENO, Austria’s pioneering ElectronicAfroDub band, have created their own unique genre, EAD. Their music blends electronic, technoid grooves, trance-like house, and repetitive dub elements, drawing inspiration from African, Afro-Caribbean, and Latin American club sounds. TASHEENO’s performances seamlessly combine intricate patterns with live elements, offering a captivating and energizing fusion of Urban Dance, Cyber Ska, and Jamdown House. The quartet consists of drums/electronics, bass/synth/electronics, trombone/trumpet, and guitar players who, shunning personal recognition, wear narrow bar-shaped sunglasses during their shows, prioritizing the communal experience of music over individual identity.

Guest Vocalists

Dance Music Inna Different Style includes a total of 16 tracks, with a running time of approximately 70 minutes. In addition to previously released tracks, the album also includes brand new offerings. Guest vocalists from various countries such as Brother Culture, General Levy, Jahcoustix, Promise No Promises, Tiwony, and Javada (of Voicemail), are featured on 12 tracks. These artists are no strangers in reggae circles, although some of them might be lesser known. Although every track is worth hearing and fully entertaining, those listeners who have red, gold and green ears most likely will favour Brighter Side by Promise No Promises, Brother Culture’s Enter The Dancehall, General Levy’s Rub A Dub Dance Anthem and Beautifyul Day by Jahcoustix. Four captivating instrumentals complete the set. A different sound, a different vibe and a different mood, but definitely worthwhile checking.

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