Boss Capone Meets George Dekker – Blackfire

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Boss Capone Meets George Dekker - Blackfire

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Aggrobeat Records
LP / Cass / DR
Street date
May 1, 2024
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Side A
1. Mother Bang Bang
2. Woman You A Scorpion
3. Heléa
4. Rosemary
5. The Lion Catch The Fly
6. Don’t You Worry ’bout A Thing

Side B
1. Don’t Mess It Up, Caroline
2. Blackfire (vs Apollo 14)
3. Mother Hong Kong
4. Diamonds & Rubies & Pearls
5. Poison Ivy
6. I’ve Got To Bit The Dust

Late Sixties

Reggae music from the late sixties became so popular because it had everything from hard-hitting fast riddims to wild lyrics. All it needed was some great vocals, to make it work. And with George Dekker, you have a great vocalist. Trojan or Pama could have tapped into all these great artists who had already settled in the UK and carried on making music like this down at Chalk Farm or over at Regent Sound in London. But they chose not to. In Jamaica, it was different, the sound was lost. It just changed. So, the people who love this kind of reggae could only live off old memories. But that wasn’t good for a wirey youth in Holland, who is known as the ‘Boss’ in these parts out of respect for what he has done and is doing.

Boss Capone

Boss Capone wrote all of the songs for his fourth album, played on them, voiced several tracks, and produced them. And they are great songs. Truly mad songs like Mother Bang Bang. I think he may possess a time machine which he and his band, The Upsessions, jump into to go back to Jamaica in 1969 and soak up the vibes. That’s how good an album this is!

George Dekker

The first song on the album, Mother Bang Bang, showcases George Dekker’s lead vocal, along with his captivating performance on the slow-paced lover’s piece Rosemary. On these two tracks plus Blackfire (vs Apollo 14), he provides backing vocals and takes care of interludes on three songs. George Dekker, who is Desmond Dekker’s half-brother and a member of the hitmaking group The Pioneers, demonstrates that his voice is still strong and in top form. Dutch songstress Patsy teams up with Boss Capone in the lively track Woman You A Scorpion and then comes into the spotlight in the hilarious The Lion Catch The Fly. Side A closes with the catchy Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing, featuring Boss Capone’s vocal that complements the riddim perfectly. Also, the B-side is definitely worth listening to all the way through as it continues to present songs that bring the ear drums joyful moments.


I’m sure George Dekker must be well-pleased with this set. Leslie Kong or Gibbo could not have done a better job. Hopefully, many more will be coming from the Boss. I could list quite a few who would love to work on music as good as this.

“Reggae Power! You got it, you want it, it’s yours!” – Count Prince Miller.

(Note: Parts of this review are written by Ray Hurford)

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