Jah Globe – Jah Creation

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Jah Globe - Jah Creation

Release Info

Burning Rockers / Only Roots Records
12″ Single
Street date
June 2024
Website Record Label

Side A
Jah Creation 6:44

Side B
Masterplan 6:44

Unveiling a Reggae Gem: Jah Globe’s 1979 12″ on Burning Rockers

This limited edition 12″ single from the relaunched Burning Rockers label by Burning Sounds offers a glimpse into the musical world of the enigmatic Jah Globe. While details about him remain scarce, we know he was a multi-instrumentalist skilled in saxophone and flute. His presence is documented on Cliff St. Lewis & His Rhythm Ryders’ Vintage Point Vol 1 and on releases by Adrian Sherwood’s influential On-U Sound label.
Housed in a stylish retro Burning Rockers sleeve, the 12″ features two extended tracks written, arranged, and produced by Jah Globe himself. Released in 1979, Jah Creation on Side A showcases his penchant for strong horn arrangements, a natural fit given his musical background. While the extended length hints at potential, there’s no dub section to explore. Despite this, the uptempo roots track sits comfortably within the UK’s reggae scene of that era. Flipping the single reveals Masterplan, an instrumental version of Jah Creation. While a dub version might have been a natural choice, this rendition emphasizes the infectious horn parts and sprinkles in echoes of the original chorus vocals, making Masterplan an enjoyable exploration of the original track. It’s another strong offering that deserves a listen.

Despite the lack of information surrounding Jah Globe, this 12″ stands as a testament to his musical talent. Both tracks on this Burning Rockers release are well worth discovering for reggae enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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