The Tighters – Differently

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The Tighters - Differently

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The Tighters
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May 27, 2024
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01. One Drop
02. Differently feat. Toviga Love
03. Närmre Tillsammans
04. Everything And Quickly feat. Ras Hassen Ti
05. Sweet Melody feat. Joe Pilgrim
06. One Dub feat. Roberto Sánchez
07. Differently Dub feat. Toviga Love & Roberto Sánchez
08. Närmre Dub feat. Roberto Sánchez
09. Quickly Dub feat. Ras Hassen Ti & Roberto Sánchez
10. Sweet Dub feat. Joe Pilgrim & Roberto Sánchez

After releasing their self-titled EP in October 2023, The Tighters, a band led by Swedish singer Ante and based in France, have dropped their debut full-length album titled Differently. The 10-track album features 5 original roots reggae tracks along with their dub versions, following the Jamaican “Showcase” album style.

Ante, a Swedish reggae singer and composer with an extensive discography, is the central figure in this group. Before moving to France, he was part of the influential collective Lide Najs with Antonio D and O-Hund, and collaborated with multiple reggae groups in Sweden. Over the years, Ante has worked alongside respected musicians such as Manjul, Promoe from Loop Troop, Ahmed Fofana, Thiorno Sam, and Barbés D.

The Tighters take their cues from the iconic reggae tunes of the past, creating music with a precise riddim and harmonious melodies reminiscent of the Jamaican ’70s roots style. Lead vocals infused with elements of blues and soul are supported by a band striving to achieve the ultimate synergy in their sound. For the creation their Differently album, The Tighters enlisted the vocal talents of Joe Pilgrim and Ras Hassen Ti, two esteemed figures in the French reggae and sound system scene. These two singers, along with Swedish vocalist Toviga Love, collaborate on three of the vocal tracks as lead vocalists. Recorded at Jah Jazz Studio, the album revolves around three powerful backdrops, with the standout riddim of the opening track, One Drop, dominating both the vocal and dub part. To keep listeners captivated, the vocal cuts feature vdifferent lead singers and lyrical content along with subtle modifications in the mixes. The same goes for its dub mixes that sets each effort apart from the other. With the exception of track 3, Närmre Tillsammans (meaning: Close Together), all vocal cuts are performed in English. While every vocal track on the album has its own strengths and virtues, two favourites are Ras Hassen Ti’s Everything And Quickly and the title track by Toviga Love. Fans of ’70s dub will also find moments of pure delight in Roberto Sánchez’s dub explorations that make up the second half of this release.

(Vinyl release is scheduled for September 2024)

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