Jah Lil – Can A Man Cry

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Jah Lil - Can A Man Cry

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Out Deh Records
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June 26, 2024
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01. Above Water
02. Among Monsters
03. Step By Step
04. Currency Called Time
05. Weak Men
06. At Home
07. Location
08. Can A Man Cry
09. Pet And Pamper
10. Rebirth

Health Issues

Born Jerome Smith, Jamaican reggae singer Jah Lil was raised in the Downtown Kingston ghetto. At home he was surrounded by family members who loved to sing. In 2011, Jah Lil won a major gospel competition in Jamaica, catching the attention of producers like Danny Browne from Main Street. In 2017, he was signed by VP Records and released his single Walk Good, which garnered him a lot of attention as a promising newcomer with a bright future. Despite appearing three times on their annual Strictly The Best compilations, Jah Lil had to put his music career on hold due to health issues.


During this hiatus, he connected with Teflon Zincfence, a respected producer with a track record of success working with artists like Chronixx, Skillibeng and Koffee. With Teflon Zincfence’s guidance, Jah Lil prepared to jump back into the music scene. As his health improved, he began creating new music once again. In 2022, Jah Lil released the singles You Teach Me and Trouble Bubble through the reggae record label Silly Walks Discotheque based in Germany, a connection he made before his break. These releases marked the beginning of his comeback journey.


Then, in November 2023, Jah Lil made his full-fledged return in the reggae arena with the release of his first single, Can A Man Cry, on Out Deh Records, the label and production company he had joined. Throughout 2024, more singles, including Currency Called Time, Step By Step and the chart-topping Above Water, were released. By the end of June, Jah Lil’s debut album, titled Can A Man Cry, was released on download and streaming platforms by Out Deh Records. The album features ten tracks, including the four previously released singles, which not only display the vast range of Jah Lil’s skills and creativity but also evoke strong emotions in the listener through his thought-provoking lyrics, influenced by his strong Rastafarian faith, challenging life experiences, and personal memories. His vocal range transitions seamlessly between powerful wails, eerie chants, and gentle whispers. While rooted in traditional reggae, his music pushes boundaries with an experimental and distinctive flair.

Lasting Impression

Kicking off the album is the uplifting Above Water, a captivating track produced by the Grammy-nominated writer/producer Ziah Push. This inspiring tune highlights the significance of keeping one’s head above water to conquer life’s unpredictable challenges successfully. Next comes a poignant track discussing personal struggles while living Among Monsters in his head. The opening batch comes to an end with a reflective song on self-improvement titled Step By Step. The subsequent seven tracks uphold the high standard established by the initial three songs. While every song has its own value and is worth listening to (including the Afrobeat lovers piece Location), it is the engaging Weak Men, the introspective semi-acoustic track Pet Pamper, and the empowering title song Can A Man Cry, in which he advocates for men to express their emotions, that leave a lasting impression.

Despite its largely emotional outpouring, this album is far from gloomy. Jah Lil consistently brings a positive spin to situations, often revealing hidden layers of optimism upon closer inspection. Overall, the album slowly captivates you with each listen, eventually becoming impossible to put it aside.

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