The Viceroys – Ya Ho

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The Viceroys - Ya Ho

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Burning Sounds
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June 28, 2024
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Side 1
1. Send Us
2. Consider Yourself
3. Detour
4. Jah Ho Jah
5. My Mission Is Impossible

Side 2
1. Get To Know
2. Do We Have To Fight
3. Ya Ho
4. Sing A Good Song

Since their music career began in 1967, The Viceroys have been known by several different names, including The Voiceroys, The Interns, The Inturns, The Brothers, The Hot Tops, and Truth Fact And Correct.

The Original Viceroys

The original Viceroys, formed by Wesley Tinglin, Daniel Bernard, and Bunny Gayle, saw early success at Studio One with recordings like Lose And Gain and Last Night. Tinglin’s dedication and leadership kept the group going, even after Bunny Gayle departed to pursue a solo career in the late ’60s. Daniel Bernard also left the group, marking the end of the first lineup of The Viceroys.

The Inturns

In the mid-1970s, the group then known as Truth Fact And Correct, recorded Babylon Deh Pon Fire for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at the renowned Black Ark studio. There, they also recorded the song Freedom for producer Lloyd Campbell. Feeling dissatisfied with the absence of financial benefits as The Viceroys, Wesley Tinglin and Neville Ingram changed the name of the group to The Inturns, teamed up with producer Phil Pratt, and began working on the Consider Yourself album at Channel One Studios in 1976. This was a time when Channel One had perfected their distinctive ‘rockers’ drum sound, and with the help of sound engineer Anthony Graham aka Bunny Tom Tom aka Crucial Bunny, the group’s 9-track album was expertly crafted with a crisp and well-recorded sound. The Inturns’ debut LP Consider Yourself was first released in 1978 in Jamaica on Chanan-Jah and in Canada on CMI under the name Do We Have To Fight. In the following year, Burning Rockers unleashed the LP in the UK with again a different title, Detour, and then Burning Sounds reissued it as Ya Ho by The Viceroys in 1985. Thirty years later, Pressure Sounds reissued the album in the UK once again, this time under its original title.

Into The Album

The unmistakable Channel One signature drum sound can be heard right from the start with the strong repatriation tune Send Us. Dedicated fans of 1970s music will surely appreciate this familiar sound. Following that is the beautiful love song Consider Yourself with its captivating harmonies, which immediately attracts the listeners attention. The album continues with two strong tracks, the sufferers piece Detour with its great organ sound and Jah Oh Jah. The former is an absolutely delightful listen and the same goes for Jah Oh Jah, a track that deserves to be played more than once. Two of the most famous songs from this collection are the classic reggae tracks Nothing Is Impossible and Jah Ho. Originally recorded as Mission Impossible for Winston Riley’s Techniques imprint in 1974, they later recorded it again as Nothing Is Impossible for Phil Pratt and as My Mission Is Impossible with the Roots Radics band for Linval Thompson in 1982. This standout song reflects the group’s motivating and inspirational stance. Their compelling tune Ya Ho was also re-recorded and retitled Yah Ho for the album Consider Yourself. Inspired by Pirate tales in the ‘The Caribbean Reader’ journal, this track, sung by Wesley Tinglin, became one of the group’s most popular songs. In all, this album blends exceptional musical talent and top-notch production with heartfelt vocals.


Neville Ingram’s standout lead vocals defined The Viceroys’ distinct sound from the mid-’70s onward. Meanwhile, Wesley Tinglin’s songwriting became more succinct and reflective, the essence of life in Kingston. Despite initially being overlooked, the group rebranded as The Viceroys and added Norris Reid, later replaced by Chris Wayne. Their international breakthrough came in 1980 with the Sly & Robbie produced hit Heart Made Of Stone, but their most notable work was with albums We Must Unite (1982) and Brethren & Sistren (1983), both produced by Linval Thompson.

It’s great to see this timeless roots reggae collection made available again. Definitely a must-add to your music collection!

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