City Kay – Strange Things

by Mar 13, 2018Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

City Kay – Strange Things

Label: Baco Records | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: March 16, 2018


  1. Mad Men
  2. No Politicians Fool You
  3. Man Cultivation Struggle
  4. Strange Things
  5. Mind Under Control
  6. Run For Your Soul
  7. We Got To Be Together
  8. Trouble Is Now Coming Your Way
  9. Tension
  10. Throw Away Your Guns

City Kay - Strange Things

City Kay is a six piece French band with a strong crossover power. The ‘Daystar’ album was positioned between UK Reggae and Electro Pop, while their current set ‘Strange Things’ (out March 16) includes a Vintage Roots touch in a modern Electro Pop production: references to the Reggae golden age are interacting with atmospheric sounds, Electro beats, minimalist grain and keyboard inspired by the New York’s School.

You will find nuff styles on this set. A synth dominated one drop track like “Mad Men”, the atmospheric track “No Politricians Fool You” which includes a speech from the Indian thinker Krishnamurti. “Main Cultivation Struggle” is a non-reggae tune with stepper influences, while the title track offers a steady groovy reggae beat.

“Mind Under Control” is a well constructed reggae tune with an unexpected break. Firm Hip Hop vibez on “Run For Your Soul”. not our cup of tea. They know their classics, the Wailing Souls’ “We Got To Be Together” is totally reworked. “Trouble Is Now Coming Your Way” is a fast paced tune touching reggae vibes as well as steppers moods. The pop ‘ballad’ “Tension” is followed by the closing tune “Throw Away Your Guns” on which Johnny Osbourne steps up in fine style.

Interesting crossover album, but definitely not for reggae purists.


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