Various – Sad Song Riddim

by Mar 30, 2018Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Various – Sad Song Riddim

Label: MacLes Music Factory | Format: DR | Street date: March 23, 2018


  1. D-Prezzy – #1 Contender
  2. Jerry Julian – Helping Hand
  3. Mojo Herb – True Love
  4. Promise No Promises feat. The Dan Juba – Hot This Year
  5. Tampanae – Some Way Some How
  6. Tikaros – Good Friends
  7. Timmi Burrel – Money Alone
  8. Tmar – Never Bow Never Quit
  9. Tommy Clarke – Gideon Warriors
  10. Zambai – Rise
  11. MacLes Music Factory – Sad Song Riddim Instrumental

Various - Sad Song Riddim
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It’s always interesting to see what’s coming next from Belgium-based MacLes Music Factory, the production house, studio and record label, as it mainly provides a platform for a wide range of up and coming artists. In recent years producer/engineer/musician Marc “MacLes” Leys, together with label partners like Jermaine “Tmar” Millington and the late Ziggy Blacks, brought artists like Timmi Burrell, Promise No Promises, Mojo Herb and Tikaros to the attention of the reggae fan.

These aforementioned artists once again appear on MacLes’ brand new juggling project, the “Sad Song Riddim”, the follow up to the November 2013 released “Puff Puff Riddim”. Composed and played by Macles, with Asham Band’s Wim “Radics” Verbruggen on drums, the “Sad Song Riddim” is a fresh original groovy roots backdrop with an infectious and catchy hook carried by real nice horn melodies. Lyrically the offerings on this riddim range from love, self belief, social commentary to never giving up and greed.

The compilation starts off in an instantly convincing way with three worth hearing songs forming the opening lot. It’s D-Prezzy’s “#1 Contender” that makes a real good impression, while Jerry Julian’s “Helping Hand” shows that he’s a singer with a powerful appealing voice. And then there’s Mojo Herb, whose love song “True Love” is a solid effort to fulljoy. Also the remaining tracks of this juggling project bring nuff listening pleasure with especially Promise No Promises’ collaboration with The Dan Juba, “Hot This Year”, Timmi Burrell’s “Money Alone”, and “Gideon Warriors” by relatively unknown veteran singer Tommy Clarke (check his killer roots piece “Jahova” from 1981!!), and Zambai’s “Rise Up” being lovely cuts.

There does not appear to be a miss here at all.


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