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deDUBros Meet P-Rootz

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

deBUBros Meet P Rootz

Label: DB Bros Records | Format: DR | Street date: March 30, 2018


  1. Mystic Tape
  2. Gold Time
  3. Easy Going
  4. Mystic DUB
deDUBros Meet P Rootz

DB Bros Records, the first record label from China dedicated to reggae and dancehall, has released a new project from deDUBros. “deDUBros meet P-Rootz” is an instrumental roots reggae & dub EP recorded and produced by Federico Cioni and Diego Cossentino aka deDUBros.

The EP features young melodica player Pierpaolo “Pirutz” Troisi, who nicely blows his melodica on three original instrumentals provided by the two musicians/producers. The three tracks and the dub version of “Mystic Tape” were all recorded live at their studio, the BoomkerSound in Florence, Italy, and dubbed live on deDUBros’s self built dubstation! The first track, “Mystic Tape”, instantly makes clear what this thoroughly enjoyable EP is all about: deep reggae roots grooves that sustain the sweet floating melodica themes. People liked P Rootz and Augustus Pablo’s son Addis prevent that the act of playing the melodica, as a full showcasing instrument, becomes somewhat of a lost art. And that’s a good thing as is fully proven by this compelling musical experience.

Great roots vibes from beginning to end!


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