Robert Dallas – Seek Jah First

by Apr 25, 2018Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Robert Dallas – Seek Jah First

Label: Hermit Cave Records | Format: DR | Street date: April 22, 2018


  1. Seek Jah First (Vocal)
  2. Bongo Damo (Djembe Cut)
  3. Seek Jah First ()
  4. Seek Jah First (Raw Dub)

Robert Dallas - Seek Jah First

Hailing from the parish of Clarendon Jamaica, Robert Dallas – formerly known as Yabba Youth, started singing in 1974 at an early age. He cut some sides for several producers with little success. With producer Sean “Amazon” Woodhouse he developed his music career further. In 2015, with Jamtone Records owner and producer Darren Mathers from London, after all those years in reggae business, he finally released his long overdue debut album entitled “Tradition Man”. It’s an album with an attractive old-skool feel and vibe.

His latest effort is a four track digital release called ‘Seek Jah First’. It’s on the Hermit Cave Records label out of Birmingham, run by Hermit Dubz. The praising steppers tune across a dubby backdrop fits Robert Dallas’ vocal style – which reminds of Michael Prophet – perfectly well.

After the powerful vocal track comes an echo drenched, bass driven dub excursion with nuff vocal snippets. Track three is by Bongo Damo who delivers the version called ‘Djembe Cut’, an appealing bongo workout. Last track is another dub version called ‘Raw Dub’, an absorbing woofer-testing dub.

Solid tunes!

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