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Black Ship – On The Sea

by | May 8, 2018 | Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Black Ship – On The Sea

Label: Khanti Records | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: April 13, 2018


  1. The Park
  2. Looking Around
  3. Black Ship On The Sea
  4. Neighborhood
  5. Vampire On The Beach
  6. Such A Love
Black Ship - On The Sea

Parisian band Black Ship is a group based upon a long lasting friendship. Their love for the Jamaican music & grooves from the ’60s and ’70s is a binding factor. Live instruments, sparkling harmonnies and a relaxed sound. This is the band: Captain Antoine Cordier and his crew Raphael Kalfa on drums, Manauel Aragon on bass, Thomas Schütte on guitar, Romain Boko on keyboards and Samuel Rose on percussion. Their latest effort is the 6 track EP “On The Sea”. It’s a kind of concept mini-album, describing Black Ship’s voyage on the “sea”.

The opening track “The Park” is a winner! A rocksteady atmosphere smoothly embedded in a lightweight sparkling riddim that makes you wanna go on a long lasting boat trip! “Looking Around” carries you away on the bubbling tones of the Farfisa organ. The laid back tempo continues on “Black Ship On The Sea”, while “Neighbourhood” speeds up the tempo very gently, but the easy skanking atmosphere doesn’t go away.

“Vampire On The Beach” is a different case however, more riddim than melody and injections of spooky guitar riffs. Album closer “Such A Love” brings back the gentle floating tempo and adds a perfect suited dub edge.

Surprising debut EP!

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