The PathHeights – Twin Flamezz

by Jun 27, 2018Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

The PathHeights – Twin Flamezz

Label: Echo Beach Records | Format: DR | Street date: June 1, 2018


  1. Way Off
  2. Big Woman
  3. Sound Of Life
  4. Twin Flamezz
  5. Like You (Illbilly Hitec Remix)
  6. Way Off (Radio Edit)
  7. Big Woman Dub
  8. Twin Flamezz Riddim Mix

The PathHeights - Twin Flamezz

Based in Germany since 2013, acoustic reggae & poetry duo The PathHeights from Jamaica come up with the follow-up to their 2017 released first EP aptly titled “Ninth Ether”, a 9-track selection of Roots Soul Reggae with a fusion of Poetry.

With their new 8-track EP called “Twin Flamezz”, The PathHeights – consisting of singer, songwriter, producer duo Akosua Aset and Aumuna – continue to deliver noteworthy acoustic vibed songs for the heart, mind and soul. Careful listening unfolds that the lyrical content of their songs is inspirational and spiritual with unmixed messages, while being hard hitting and real. When it comes to the two vocalists it’s instantly clear that the voices of Aumuna and his wife Akosua Aset blend together very well.

Produced by Exile Di Brave, the “Twin Flamezz” EP features a few tunes of sheer beauty including the opener “Way Off”, the mesmerizing “Big Woman”, and the EP’s title track. The full sounding Ska-fueled remix of “Like You” done by Illbilly Hitec and the booming “Twin Flamezz Riddim Mix” are welcome additions to this predominantly acoustic set.

A solid EP, which hopefully generates a nice bit of attention for The PathHeights.

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