Zenzile – 5 + 1 meets Jayree

by Dec 7, 2018Mini-Review, Reviews

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Zenzile – 5 + 1 meets Jayree

Label: Yotanka Records | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: October 5, 2018


Zenzile - 5 + 1 meets Jayree

French dub band Zenzile was ‘founded’ in 1996, hailing from Angers, in western France. They take their band name from a famous South African poet and anti-apartheid activist. The musicians of Zenzile are known for their leftist political stance. They often give voice to their ideas lyrically through regular guest singers Janika and Jean Gomis. In the past 22 years the band established itself as a frontrunner in the European dub and reggae scene with a rapidly growing fan base.


The title 5+1 refers to the 5 band members and a guest vocalist. Several other 5+1 projects have been released: Jamika (2000), Sir Jean (2002) en Vincent “Cello” Segal (2003). The latest album is a meet up with City Kay’s lead singer Jay Ree Pharaoh. This French band is know for their roots vintage style mixing it with modern electro pop productions.


The album collects 5 vocal tracks seamlessly followed by their dubs. Strong openings tune here. “4000 Years” is a awesome steppers styled tune floating gracefully into the hypnotic dub. Total different vibes on “Stay Close To Me”, a heavy and slow traditional, with appealing saxophone solo’s, complete with a Scientisque dub version. Pleasant rub-a-dub pulses on “So Good So Far”. The minimal “Stuck On Old Things” takes you inna deep cave where you’ll meet a lonely flute player… The closing tunes disconnects from the traditional reggae sounds and takes you on a disturbing journey!