Cornell Campbell – Hole In The Ceiling

by Feb 1, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

The Circle of Confusion feat. Cornell Campbell – Hole In The Ceiling

Label: Rocafort Records | Format: 7″ Single | Street date: February 1, 2019


  1. Hole In The Ceiling
  2. Dub In The Ceiling

Cornell Campbell - Hole In The Ceiling

Swiss production duo Seb.K (Shakedown productions) and Phil’eas (Black Diamond Music) aka The Circle of Confusion have teamed up with Cornell Campbell to record a brand new 7″ single. The expressive falsetto of the veteran singer, a major singing star in the mid-1970s, is complemented by a great sounding old-skool vibed original riddim that incorporates an awesome bassline and a beautiful run on the keyboards by Jah Lou.

The Lausanne based duo’s favourite Jamaican singer sounds fully at ease on the 1970s roots reggae style riddim and shows that he’s still an artist worth checking when he comes up with a new tune. With “Hole In The Ceiling”, Cornell Campbell delivers a wonderful lilting, plaintive song – typical of his social consciousness and beautiful soul. On the flipside there’s an excellent dub version that benefits from nuff fx, a killer bass sound, and vocal snippets coming in and out of the mix. “Dub In The Ceiling” is on par with the vocal track and definitely worth hearing more than once.

A splendid roots collaboration, not to be missed!