The Wise Bloods – Turn The Tide

by Feb 22, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

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The Wise Bloods – Turn The Tide

Label: Urban Breakout Records | Format: DR | Street date: February 22, 2019

  1. Turn The Tide
The Wise Bloods - Turn The Tide
The Wise Bloods

The Wise Bloods are a young and fresh London-based band bringing their attitude, message, original songwriting and modern styles to true reggae foundations. Brought together by their locality and love of Reggae music, the band’s background spans from different corners of the globe, affecting a mix of influences and takes on the music. Lead singer Jesse James MacFarlane, born and raised in South London responds to his experiences of love, loss and unity in a multicultural corner of the metropolis. The band seeks to write songs for people to reflect on themselves, their relation to others and their surroundings and so be true to Reggae as essentially a revolutionary music.

Mixed by Grammy Award Winning engineer Laurent Dupuy, The Wise Bloods’ brand new single “Turn The Tide” has Roots Reggae and Dub flavours. The vocals refreshingly incorporate a modern UK style grime rap delivery with soulful singing, defiantly fitting the song somewhere between a soothing melodic ballad and a cold and gritty London rap track.

“Turn The Tide” is about a wish for a closer affinity with nature and a simpler life, but being caught up in a world led by corporate motivations that are pushing in the opposite direction. The band’s lead singer Jesse James is expressing frustration at the surrounding world, destroying and pulling him from a way of life he can be content with. The song is about wanting to fight against the powers that generate lies, ignorance, poverty and environmental degradation, but having to navigate through depression, ignorance, fatigue and fools hope to act positively for change in a world that desperately needs it. “Turn The Tide” reveals more and more of itself to the listener on every listen. The conscious song is fully dynamic and engaging, and there’s just a powerful vibe attached to this tune where it draws out passion. “Turn The Tide” marks the coming of The Wise Bloods’ “Convergence EP”, which is due for release this spring.

Worthy of repeated spins!