FY-Aado – Don’t Ask Me Why

by Mar 19, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

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FY-Aado – Don’t Ask Me Why

Label: Rockers Artist Agency | Format: DR  | Street date: March 19, 2019


  1. FY-Aado – Don’t Ask Me Why
Fy-Aado - Don't Ask Me Why

Hailing from New Hall, Manchester JA, former lead singer of the Jamaican band 6Points, Kenardo ‘FY-Aado’ Ellis, continues his musical journey as a solo artist.

It all began in high school, 3rd form to be exact, where the sounds of Bob Marley slowly made its way into the consciousness of his mind. Upon leaving high school, writing soon became the main window of expression for Kenardo leading him to create messages that would motivate and inspire others just the same. During this time, frequent visits to the Nyahbhingi also cemented the cultural roots vibration that is quite dominant in how he currently lives. During a brief two years at The Edna Manley College Of The Visual and Performing Arts, he met Kyle the drummer, with whom he shared similar thoughts, ideas and writing sessions. The idea of motivation and inspiration is the foundation of the message that he brings to the world.

For his brand new single, put out by Rockers Artist Agency, FY-Aado collaborated with well experienced Dutch drummer/producer Freddy Poncin of Mutima Productions. The final result, “Don’t Ask Me Why”, is a wonderful inspirational song with conscious lyrics. His soul roots style of singing, which has a calm type of feeling attached to it, comes to full expression, while the sublime sounding ‘live’ played original riddim is downright appealing to the ears.

A good effort from an artist to watch for in the near future.


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