Roots Ista Posse Meets Straïka D – Showcase Vol. 1

by Apr 1, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Roots Ista Posse Meets Straïka D – Showcase Vol. 1

Label: Roots Ista Posse Heavyweight Records | Format: Vinyl LP | Street date: April 1, 2019


Side A.

  1. Alright
  2. Right In Dub Part 1
  3. Rise In Love
  4. Rise In Dub Part 1

Side B.

  1. Know Jah
  2. Jah Is Dub Part 1
  3. Destroy Wickedness
  4. Almighty Dub Part 1
Roots Ista Posse Meets Straïka D - Showcase Vol. 1

| Available on his Discogs Page |

Roots Ista Posse, a project of Paris-based dub producer Jerricho, have distinguished their works by adding a huge sense of massive dub to the modern dubwize phenomenon, which can be heard on a collection of 10″ & 12″ vinyl singles and vinyl LP’s they’ve put out so far. Their latest effort, “Roots Ista Posse Meet Straïka D”, is the result of the collaboration with Wilfrid Hiriart aka Straïka D. The latter, a singer from Martinique/Reunion, has established his name in France with a bunch of singles and albums such as “Hit 2 Hits Volume 1” “Free D.O.M'”, “DJ de Profession”, and “Coeur de Feu”.

Back in 2013 we already came across the track “Alright” with the info that it was one of 4 heavy tracks from a soon to be released vinyl platter. Almost six years later there’s finally  the 180g heavy vinyl LP – in a showcase format – featuring four vocal tracks plus their dub counterparts. Roots Ista Posse have created four awesome heavyweight riddims with tough basslines and full of energy. These backdrops, all done in a UK warrior style, turn out to be good vehicles for Straïka D as they merge very well with the singer’s vocal delivery. Most appealing vocal tracks are the openers of Side A & B, “Alright” and “Know Jah” respectively, while each and every dub version gives a hard workout to your speakers and is well worth hearing.