Sista Zari – Prophecy

by Aug 31, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Sista Zari – Prophecy

Label: Black Redemption | Format: 12″ Vinyl | Street date: August 30, 2019

Side A

  1. Sista Zari – Prophecy
  2. Mighty Massa – Prophecy In Dub

Side B

  1. Sista Zari – Jah Jah Come
  2. Mighty Massa – Dub A Come
  3. Mighty Massa – Dub A Come Part II
Sista Zari - Prophecy

A next 12″ vinyl release coming from the Lion’s Den’s collaboration with Rash Kush’s Black Redemption imprint features a fresh take on two awesome roots classics from the year 1977. The classic riddims of Faybiene Miranda’s killer “Prophecy” and Everton Dacres’ matching “Jah Jah Come” are reconstructed with a distinctive touch and sound at his own Dub Creation Studio by the godfather of Japanese Dub/Soundsystem music, Mighty Massa.

Sista Zari from Mexico was engaged for vocal duties the bring new life to these two tunes. And this roots daughter truly did a good job as the final results are unique reinterpretations, worth hearing from beginning to end – especially when you’re a fan of Roots Sound System dances. The addition of Massa’s roaring heavyweight dub excursions makes this 12″ single even more interesting, as they fire on all cylinders and urge the listener to give them several spins.

Available online in various record shops. Not to be missed!