Soultry Dubs – Soultry Sound

by Nov 13, 2019Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Soultry Dubs – Soultry Sound

Label: Stoney Eye Studios | Format: DR | Street date: November 11, 2019


  1. Soul Rizing Intro feat. Nattali Rize
  2. Soul Journ feat. Ashley Irae, Sistren Kim
  3. Divine Energy feat. Lion Child
  4. 11:11 Verb Dub
  5. Babylon Fyah feat. Ashley Irae, Sistren Kim
  6. Let Us Unite Dub feat. Mpress Kandace, Sistren Kim
  7. Age Of Aquarius feat. Ashley Irae
  8. Heartbreaker feat. Lion Child
  9. Soul Journ Dub feat. Ashley Irae, Sistren Kim
  10. Divine Energy Dub feat. Lion Child
  11. Babylon Fyah Dub feat. Ashley Irae, Sistren Kim
  12. Age Of Aquarius Dub feat. Ashley Irae
  13. Heartbreaker Dub feat. Lion Child

Soultry Dubs - Soultry Sound

If you’re a fan of roots, reggae and dub sounds with lyrically conscious driven melodies, heavy bass tones, and eclectic synth layers, Soultry Dubs’ 13-track debut album titled “Soultry Sound” might be of interest for you. This first project by the versatile Cynthya ‘Soultry Dubs’ features an all female line up with special guest appearances by well known Nattali Rize and internationally lesser known names like Lion Child, Mpress Kandace, Sistren Kim and Ashley Irae.

Long Beach, California native Soultry Dubs started as the keyboardist for the 9-piece reggae-soul band The Divine Crime, but is mostly known for being an original member of the So. Cal Reggae band TDC and also The Doug Means Project. Prior to her musical path she produced her own clothing line Soultry Clothing, painted one of a kind hand painted Dub Caps and set up booths along the west coast festival circuit. She ventured into live dubbing, remixing, and producing after spending many years observing the dub skills live and in the studio of The Scientist and Josh Cardinali of Stoney Eye Studios. Together with Josh Cardinali, Soultry Dubs has created dub remixes for an array of established artists within the new modern era Reggae scene, including singer Nattali Rize.

With her debut album “Soultry Sound”, Soultry Dubs made her dream come true as she always wanted to do a project in which she unites a female driven, lyrically conscious work of Heart and highlights her love of Dub Music by including remixes performed live on her APC40. “Soultry Sound” takes the listener on a real nice musical journey, during which reggae, dub, and soul are infused with heavy bass and soultry synth tones. Offered are 6 vocal efforts and 7 dub pieces, all of them having their own merit and worth hearing.

A truly interesting project!