Maïs & Sin feat. Junior Dread – Rat Race

by May 10, 2020Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Maïs & Sin feat. Junior Dread – Rat Race

Label: Antipod Records | Format: 10″ Single-DR | Street date: May 6, 2020


Side A

  1. Maïs & Sin feat. Junior Dread – Rat Race (Vocal Version)

Side B

  1. Maïs & Sin feat. Tribuman – Rat Race (Trumpet Version)
Maïs & Sin feat. Junior Dread - Rat Race

After having released the 12″ single “Bass Tension” in 2016 and then “Visual Lines”, the second LP from Maïs & Sin, in 2018, the Strasbourg, France based label Antipod has collaborated once again with the French producers duo. This time they come up with a two-track 10″ vinyl single titled “Rat Race”, which refers to the endless race of modern society, race against time, for money or progress.

For the vocal version the duo has collaborated with Brazilian singer Junior Dread. Emerging from the ghettos of São Paulo, Carlos Almeida Jr. aka Junior Dread, first appeared on the Brazilian reggae scene in 1998, recording and touring with the band Reggae Style. Recognised for his natural talent and authentic vocal tone, Junior Dread soon began to touring internationally, performing in Japan, Australia, New Zealand & Europe. In the studio he recorded for labels such as Scotch Bonnett, Gorgon Sound, Moonshine Records, Zamzam Records and Cubiculo Records.

On Side A, Junior Dread tells the listener about the necessity of global awareness and next generation’s, our kids’ future. Needless to say that the singer’s lyrics, delivered over a superb hypnotic and stripped Steppers dub riddim, are particularly suitable for this period of global planetary crisis.

And then there’s the flipside, which features a wicked and totally enjoyable instrumental, the trumpet version by Tribuman. The latter has collaborated with the Dutch label Not Easy At All Productions (now Dubshelter Recordings) and JahSolid Rock to record trumpet for a lot of albums and singles for reggae legends like Apple Gabriel (Israel Vibration), Brinsley Forde (Aswad), Earl 16, Junior Murvin, Carlton Livingston, Vernon Maytone and Dennis Alcapone Actually Tribuman is not only an experienced musician, but also a singer. Compared with Junior Dread’s vocal cut, Tribuman’s “Trumpet Version” is a more melodious piece.