Officially RAW – The RAW Rhythm Section In Dub Volume One

by Jul 17, 2020Mini-Review, Reviews

Release Info

Officially RAW – The RAW Rhythm Section In Dub Volume One

Label: Roots Unity Music | Format: DR | Street date: July 14, 2020

  1. System Dub
  2. Exploration Dub
  3. Rally Dub
  4. Jah Fire Dub
  5. Step Away Dub
  6. Scorching Dub
  7. Sherray Dub
  8. Domino Dub
  9. Justice Dub
  10. Mount Zion Dub
Officially RAW - The RAW Rhythm Section In Dub Volume One

What started with the release of the 12-track album “Earth Dub” in March 2019, now seems to turn into a Reggae tsunami caused by young Dutch record label Roots Unity Music. About a year after that album came out there was the release of Nga Han’s digital single “Nazarene/Nazarene Dub”, which in June was followed by Nga Han’s full length studio album “The Living Stream: Chapter One” and, only two weeks later, by The Higher Notes’ debut set “Double Salute”. It’s obvious, Roots Unity Music doesn’t limit themselves to only one reggae genre as the label went from Dub to Deep Roots Reggae to Ska & Rocksteady. And now they’ve gone back to Dub music again, with already their next release out on the streets – Officially RAW’s “The RAW Rhythm Section In Dub Volume One”.

The RAW Rhythm Section is a international collective of musicians that work together to produce authentic live instruments reggae music. Players of instruments that are involved include people like Bunnington Judah, Art-Man, Uta Maruanaya, Ras P, Biko, King ‘Jan’ Kooper, Luca Bat, Vladimir Krkljush, Leon Christie, Milan Van Wingerden, Ben King, Jah Rej, Iyiapo Tafari, Kostas Jah Sonic and Hornsman Coyote.

This brand new 10-track album features a really nice and thoroughly entertaining collection of Raw Dub Mixes of Roots Reggae riddims played by the RAW Rhythm Section, all produced & mixed by Roots Unity at different studios (Roots Unity Studio, Earth Works Studio & Dub Culture Studio) over the past couple of years. Most of the times the music is burning and heavy at the bottom end.

This delighful collection is well worth a listen for dub lovers!