Various – Piece Of Love Riddim

by Nov 10, 2020Mini-Review, Reviews

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Various – Piece Of Love Riddim

Label: Walshy Fire | Format: DR | Street date: November 6, 2020

  1. Blessed – Herb Dream
  2. Hamali – If You Ever Leave
  3. Queen Omega – Queen Happy
  4. The Expanders – Piece Of Love
  5. Promise No Promises – Woman Name Barbuda
  6. Cocoa Tea – The Wall
  7. Buzzrock – Unity
  8. Töke – Mountain Peak
Various - Piece Of Love Riddim


Walshy Fire has again teamed up with The Expanders, after having successfully worked with the Los Angeles-based band on the “Top Shelf Riddim” and “Thanks For Life Riddim” projects. The five-piece band operates from a foundation rooted in deep appreciation for classic Jamaican music, which isn’t only showcased on their “Old Time Something Come Back Again” series, but also on the collaboration projects with Walshy Fire.

The “Piece Of Love Riddim” is a nice riddim project that comes with a rootsy rocksteady vibe. Without a doubt, the biggest names on the list of contributors are those of Jamaican singer Cocoa Tea and Jeneile Osborne aka Queen Omega from Trinidad and Tobago. Both artists, along with the other artists of the line-up, were also involved in the previous juggling projects.

Jamaican-Canadian reggae artist and multiple Juno award winner, Blessed, opens nicely with the ganja tune “Herb Dream”, before sweet-voiced Hamali delivers the lovely lover’s piece “If You Ever Leave”. Next comes Queen Omega who, although her cut isn’t one of her best efforts, leaves a decent impression with “Queen Happy”. The Expanders don’t disappoint with the title track as it is a fine offering. It then are Promise No Promises and Cocoa Tea who take over with “Woman Name Barbuda” and “The Wall” respectively. These two tracks are the highlights of this set. The set is rounded off by Buzzrock’s “Unity” and Töke’s “Mountain Peak”, which both are worth hearing.

In all, this is that good old fashion reggae.

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