The Best Of Reggae (Expanded Original Album)

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The Best Of Reggae (Expanded Original Album)

Label: Doctor Bird Records | Format: DR/DBLCD | Street date: June 11, 2021


  • Disc One: The Best Of Reggae
    1. Young Gifted And Black – Bob & Marcia
    2. Moon River – Greyhound
    3. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah – The Pioneers
    4. Liquidator – Harry J All Stars
    5. Love Of The Common People – Nicky Thomas
    6. Israelites – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    7. Suzanne Beware Of The Devil – Dandy Livingstone
    8. Black And White – Greyhound
    9. Black Pearl – Horace Faith
    10. You Can Get It If You Really Want – Desmond Dekker
    11. It Miek – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    12. 54 46 That’s My Number – The Maytals
    13. Elizabethan Reggae – Boris Gardiner
    14. Return Of Django – The Upsetters
    15. Pied Piper – Bob & Marcia
    16. Come Back Liza – Dandy Livingstone
    17. Everybody Plays The Fool – The Chosen Few
    18. Roll Muddy River – The Pioneers
    19. Oh! She Is A Big Girl Now – Judge Dread
    20. Floating – Greyhound
    21. Mad About You – Bruce Ruffin
    22. Dream Lover – Greyhound
    23. Rain – Bruce Ruffin
    24. Build It Up – Tito Simon
    25. Big City – Dandy Livingstone
    26. Snoopy Versus The Red Baron – The Hotshots
    27. I Need Your Sweet Inspiration – The Pioneers
    28. Double Barrel – Dave & Ansel Collins

  • Disc Two: The Best Of Reggae Part 2
    1. 007 – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    2. Long Shot Kick The Bucket – The Pioneers
    3. Monkey Man – The Maytals
    4. I Am What I Am – Greyhound
    5. What Greater Love – Teddy Brown
    6. Pickney Gal – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    7. One Big Happy Family – Bruce Ruffin
    8. The Further You Look – John Holt
    9. Give And Take – The Pioneers
    10. Monkey Spanner – Dave & Ansel Collins
    11. Suffering In The Land – Owen Gray
    12. Dancing In The Sun – Daniel In The Lion’s Den
    13. I’m Gonna Get Married – Danny Ray
    14. Sweet Sensation – The Melodians
    15. Train To Skaville – The Ethiopians
    16. Red Red Wine – Tony Tribe
    17. Come On Girl – Jackie Edwards
    18. Who’s That Lady – The Paris Connection
    19. Yesterday Man – Nicky Thomas
    20. Reggae From The Ghetto – John Holt
    21. Sing A Little Song – Desmond Dekker
    22. Down In The Boondocks – Delroy Williams
    23. Think About That – Dandy Livingstone
    24. Rivers Of Babylon – The Melodians
    25. Montego Bay – Freddie Notes & The Rudies
    26. Kingston Town – Lord Creator
    27. This Is Reggae Music – Zap Pow
    The Best Of Reggae (Expanded Original Album)
    In 1973 K-Tel released a double lp, The Best Of Reggae, collecting 30 tracks, including numerous chart-busting hits and dancefloor-fillers, performed by some of the best-known Jamaican performers of the era. K-Tell was the brainchild of Canadian salesman Philip Kives who released in 1966 the company’s first compilation album, a collection of 25 country songs entitled 25 Country Hits. The idea of compilation albums was new, and the venture’s unexpected success led to further releases. Most of the compilation albums relied on the pop charts of the day, while some focused on hits from a specific genre, such as the 1973 double lp. It became a bestseller and introduced many young people to the catchy music from Jamaica.

    Doctor Bird Records, a division of Cherry Red Records, specializes in vintage Jamaican sounds licensed from the legendary catalog of Trojan Records. One of their current releases is the expanded version of this album, a two cd package containing no less than 55 tracks. It will come as no surprise that this collection mainly consists of the best-known reggae cross-over hits from the late Sixties and early Seventies. To meet the taste of the white pop audience, strings, synths, or extended backing vocals were added to a number of songs. The most famous example remains Young, Gifted And Black by Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths. Singer John Holt also made regular use of this, check the song The Further You Look. The producers often used covers of pop and soul hits.

    Of course, the undiluted Jamaican hits are not missing. Check out and enjoy the Desmond Dekker hits Isrealites and 007 (Shanty Town) or the unadulterated rocksteady sounds brought by The Melodians and Lord Creator. You can also enjoy some popular, raw early reggae tunes such as Return Of Django by The Upsetters, The Maytals with 54 46 That’s My Number and Monkey Spanner by Dave & Ansel Collins. The Ethiopians’ rock-solid tune, Train To Skaville is also a timeless favorite on this album.

    Although most seasoned hardcore reggae fans will not really get excited about this release, we still enjoyed hearing the golden oldies again


    The Best Of Reggae (Expanded Original Album)
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    The Best Of Reggae (Expanded Original Album)
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