Misha1dem – Black & Alive

by Feb 7, 2022Mini-Review, Reviews

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Misha1dem – Black & Alive

Label: La Panchita Records | Format: DR | Street date: February 4, 2022


1. Act Wild
2. Ur Someone (& I Care)
3. Conscious
4. Contact
5. Flowing
6. In My Skin (feat. Líbrida)
7. Black & Alive
8. Self Love (Take It Easy)
9. Sweet Sensation
10. Taste Of Freedom

Misha1dem - Black & Alive

From Barcelona-based La Panchita Records, the 2015 founded record label specialized in Reggae and Dub, comes the debut album from Jamaican-Canadian vocalist and songwriter Kahmisha Rhodd-Thorne aka Misha1dem entitled Black & Alive. Produced by Quim Siva and featuring a group of Spanish musicians consisting of Indra Vila (drums), Alberto Lopez (bass), Otger Ibars (piano/keyboard), Oriol Escolano (trumpet), Josep Blanes (Trombone), and ‘Siva’ Quim Simó (sax), this collection of tunes takes the listener on a journey of pain, suffering, love, and pleasure to live and survive in this life, while continuing to grow, embrace and maintain what we are ‘black and alive’.

Besides the tracks UR Someone (& I Care), Conscious, Self Love (Take It Easy), and Taste Of Freedom which were released during the year 2021, this album features six previously unheard songs. Misha1dem has a strong command of melody and with her intelligent lyrical style she brings the listener food for thought. An good example is the heartfelt message tune UR Someone (& I Care), which talks about humanity and immigration reminding us that although we are not from the same region, we are all human and equally important. Better if we support each other and eliminate the barriers that separate us or that limit us and make us suffer. Together with the downright stellar opener Act Wild, the absolutely gorgeous sounding lover’s piece Flowing, the impressive title track Black & Alive, the engaging Taste Of Freedom, UR Someone (& I Care) is one of the best tracks included this well-produced album. The other tracks included on this album are solid throughout, although some of them may take some time to grow on you.

In all, a noteworthy debut set from an interesting singer and songriter. If you need proof of that, you only need to listen to this album.


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