Small Axe Bookzine 17 – Willi Williams

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Small Axe Bookzine 17 – Willi Williams

Author: Ray Hurford
Publisher:  Muzik Tree
Published: February 2018
Book: A5 Paperback / 50 pages
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Small Axe Bookzine 17 Willie Williams
Small Axe/Ray Hurford

From the late 1970s to this day, Ray Hurford — initiator of all “Small Axe” activities — has been responsible for some great contributions to the writings about reggae music. He published 27 issues of the Small Axe reggae fanzine, covering big names like Augustus Pablo and Gregory Isaacs. Besides the Small Axe reggae fanzine Ray Hurford was also the man behind 20 issues of the Small Axe Files (1991-1992), which focused on one artist or aspect of reggae in every issue, and such acclaimed books like “More Axe”, “More Axe 7”, “More Axe 8”, “Rhythm Wise”, and “The Small Axe Reggae Album Guides”.

Small Axe Bookzine 17 – Willi Williams

The 1970s were a magical time in roots reggae history. The originality, spirituality and creativity abounded with enduring proportions. Foundation artist Willi Williams’ work is recognized as some of the best of this golden era. This 17th volume in the favorable priced Small Axe Bookzine series features an interview with Willi Williams, who touches on his time at Studio One, his huge hit “Armagideon Time”, working with Yabby U and his solo work. Added is a selective discography of his albums and 7″ singles.


“Well “Armagideon Time” is just… I am very spiritual , in that I believe in the creator who created us all. I worship the creator as Jah through Christ. I check for the happenings and match it with what I read biblically and see what’s happening. So at that time, I was there in Jamaica when they had the political violence going on. And then I remember checking back in the scriptures and finding out that these things were just normal things. It was just like a song of consolation. Consoling myself and the people who do understand that it’s really the time – at that time and this time.”