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Sentinel Presents Foundation Dancehall Vol 4

Digital media, digital communication, digital currency – “Digital” is a word, that indicates innovation. Therefore, it’s often used to describe the future of things. However, in the Dancehall context it means pretty much the opposite: Although current Dancehall, like most of the music nowadays, is produced digitally, “Digital Dancehall” stands for the style of Jamaican music, that was popular in the ’80s after the “Sleng Teng” riddim completely changed the aesthetics of Dancehall. The studios, where until then bands like the Roots Radics produced the riddims for the vocalists, were now the playground for a new set of musical wizards like Steely & Cleevie, who used keyboards and synthesizers instead of live musicians.

Fast forward to 2018: The results of the creative explosion, caused by this generation change, are now the focus of the fourth edition of Sentinel’s Dancehall Foundation mixtape series. 47 tunes of raw energy and simple beauty, that give you a clue why the arrival of digital production technologies caused such an earthquake in the Jamaican music scene.

Tracklist :  Sentinel Sound presents Dancehall Foundation Vol. 4

  • Boom Back – Ghetto Life [Archive Rec]
  • Patrick Andy – Life In Jailhouse No Nice [Hitbound]
  • Carlton Livingston – Itch it up Operator [Uptempo]
  • Singie Singie – Leave Badness Alone [Vibes & Vibes]
  • Burning Spear – People Of The World [Blue Moon Prod]
  • Lenky Roy – Set Me Free [Youth Promotion]
  • Al Campbell & Horace Andy – Dancehall Business
  • Fire Fox – Mr Promoter [Heartbeat Rec]
  • Madoo – Gun Talk [Jamaazima]
  • Scotty & Chaka Demus – Tonight [Famous]
  • Wendy Shaw – Run Around Boy [Scorcher Music]
  • Michael Palmer – String Up The Soundsystem [Black Solidarity]
  • Madoo – Botha Warning [Jamaazima]
  • Papa Richie – Stop Botha [Youth Vibration Intl Music]
  • Nicodemus – P-T 109 [Witty]
  • Sluggy Ranks – No Money Nah Run [Rockers Forever]
  • Little John – Catch The Style [Redman Intl]
  • Bimbo – Problem Everywhere [Rythem Track]
  • Horace Andy – 54-46 [Papa Moke Music]
  • Eccleton Jarrett – Hold Them [Jammys]
  • Wayne Smith – Icky All Over [Jammys]
  • King Kong – Babylon [Firehouse]
  • Tony Roach – Big Bout Yah [Rythem Track]
  • Everton Chambers – Hold Your Corner [Parish]
  • Tony Candy – Rich & Switch [Apple Tree]
  • Mikey Melody – Soldiers Inna Town [Dennis Star]
  • Culture Paul – Easter Sunday Morning [Jah Life]
  • Nitty Gritty – Trodding Through Dancehall [Unkown Judah]
  • Sluggy Ranks – Black Man Struggle [Park Heights]
  • Sluggy Ranks – Ghetto Youth [Justice]
  • Anthony Selassie – Kick Up A Dust [Youth Promotion]
  • Don Romeo – Agony Body Girl [Photographer]
  • Frankie Wilmott – I Won´t Give Up [Music House]
  • Andrew Dan – Temporary Lover [Classic Sounds]
  • Gregory Isaacs – Only You [Sunset]
  • Slim Dread – Old Friend [Creative Sound]
  • Oral John – Me No Waan No Bun [Chaos]
  • Bobby Harrison – Posse Come Rock With Me [Mateeks]
  • Muir Head – Bad Boy Visit [Vena]
  • Nicodemus – Keeping A Dance [Witty]
  • Quench Aid – Beat Down Fence [Vena]
  • Peter Bouncer – Ready For The Dance Tonight [Untiy]
  • Tony Lowe – Line Stepper [Kennedy Intl]
  • Horace Andy – Every Tongue [Youth Promotion]
  • Colourman – Every Tongue – DJ Version [Youth Promotion]
  • Captain Willy – Jail House Dutty [B&J Rec]
  • Bobo General – Ghetto Live [Mini Mart]

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