Wise Man – A tribute to Roy Cousins and Tamoki-Wambesi

by Jan 12, 2020

Wise Man - A tribute to Roy Cousins and Tamoki-Wambesi

Run and operated by The Royals’ leadsinger Roy Cousins, the Tamoki and Wambesi labels make up a fantastic catalogue of some of the finest reggae ever released. I’ve been hooked on the labels from the very first time I heard The Royals’ superb ‘Pick up the pieces’ (not inlcluded here, but check it out if you don’t know it). This mix is both a tribute to The Royals – whose style and delivery are truly unique, despite line-up changes – as well as Roy Cousins – who worked a dayjob as a postman to pay for the high quality output that’s on display here. All recordings are produced by Roy Cousins, except for “Path I’ve taken” by former Royals’ member Errol Davis, which was released on Phase 1 Records. Also note the tune “No One knows” which stands out sonically, because it was recorded in Lee Perry’s legendary Black Ark studio. More goodies are served up by the great Winston Jarrett, Earl 16, Charlie Chaplin, Lloyd Ruddock (King Tubby’s brother), Kingstonians and more.


1 Royals – Ghetto Man
2 King Tubby – Oongan
3 Vinnie O’Brien – Heart In Pain
4 Royals – Only For A Time
5 Lloyd Ruddock – Genuine Way
6 Errol T – Tirang
7 Royals – Promise Land
8 King Tubby – Land Of Milk & Honey
9 Royals – Message
10 Kingstonians – Jah Children
11 Lloyd Charmers – Yakub
12 Royals – Down Comes The Rain
13 Royals- No One Knows
14 Errol Davis – Path I’ve Taken
15 Royals – Free Speech & Movement
16 Winston Jarrett – Wiseman
17 Charlie Chaplin – Fussing & Fighting
18 Earl Cunningham – What Kind Of Woman
19 Royals – Israel Be Wise
20 Winston Jarrett – I Shen Galore
21 Charlie Chaplin – Jamaican Collie
22 Winston Jarrett – Badness
23 Prince Far I – Jerry Doghead
24 Derrick Pitter – King Pharaoh Army
25 Junior Reid – Concrete Castle King
26 Scientist – Concrete Castle Version
27 Winston Jarrett – Sleeping In The Park
28 Prince Far I – Special Request
29 Don Carlos – Plantation
30 Royals – Make Believe
31 King Tubby & Knowledge & Prince Far I – Jahnoi
32 Earl Sixteen – Have Some Fun