Rockin' Rocksteady Part 1

Rocksteady is a music genre that originated in Jamaica around 1966. A successor of ska and a precursor to reggae, rocksteady was the dominant style of music in Jamaica for nearly two years, performed by many of the artists who helped establish reggae. For example harmony groups such as The Techniques, The Paragons, The Heptones and The Gaylads; soulful singers such as Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, Bob Andy, Ken Booth and Phyllis Dillon; musicians such as Jackie Mittoo, Lynn Taitt and Tommy McCook. The term rocksteady comes from a popular (slower) dance style mentioned in the Alton Ellis song ‘Rocksteady’ that matched the new sound. Some rocksteady songs became hits outside Jamaica, as with ska, helping to secure the international base reggae music has today.


1. Alton Ellis – Rock Steady
2. Aubrey Adams & Roland Alphonso – Swinging Feast
3. Errol Dunkley – You’ll Never Know
4. Ken Boothe – Moving Away
5. Lizzy – Love Is A Treasure
6. Jackie Mitto – Henry The Great
7. Lloyd & Devon – Bum Ball
8. Scotty – I Worry
9. The Crystalites – Stop That Man
10. The Gaylads – Hard To Confess
11. The Paragons – My Best Girl
12. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Real Cool
13. Dennis Alcapone – Love is Not A Gamble
14. Derrick Harriott – The Loser
15. Freddie McKay – High-School Dance
16. Glen Adams & Tommy McCook – My Girl
17. Joya Landis – Moonlight Lover
18. Justin Hinds – Save A Bread
19. The Cables – What Kind of World
20. Keith & Tex – Tonight
21. Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Stay Away
22. The Heptones – Pretty Look Isn’t All
23. The Melodians – I Will Get Along Without You Now
24. The Techniques – Queen Majesty
25. The Mad Lads – Ten To One
26. Tommy McCook – Rock Away