Musical Tribute to King Tubby

On 6th February 1989, Jamaican sound engineer and producer Osbourne Ruddock, better known as King Tubby, was shot and killed outside his home in Duhaney Park, Kingston, upon returning from a session at his Waterhouse studio. Tubby’s innovative studio work, which saw him elevate the role of the mixing engineer to a creative fame previously only reserved for composers and musicians, would prove to be influential across many genres of popular music. Here’s a musical tribute to the man who’s gone, but not forgotten.


1. Tubby’s Intro
2. Zambia Dub
3. Roman Dub
4. Heart Leap Dub
5. Drifting Dub
6. Dub Pieces
7. Ghetto Dub
8. Sufferers Choice Dub
9. Dub Assasinator
10. Psalm 36
11. Second Cut
12. Where Eagles Dare
13. Foundation Of Dub
14. Natty Version
15. Tubby Get Smart
16. Satta Dread Dub
17. Chapter Of Money
18. Dub Fi Gwan
19. King Tubby’s In Fine Style
20. King Tubby’s Key
21. Tinson Pen Dub
22. Dub Of Rights
23. Great Stone
24. Robber Rock
25. Hungering Dub
26. Heads A Roll Dub
27. Sandra Dub
28. More Dub
29. Up Town Special
30. King Tubby’s Hi-Fi Dub


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