Tribute to Jah B

Here’s a Musical Tribute to reggae legend Jah B aka Bunny Wailer, who was a founding member of The Wailers. As an ex-member of the legendary group he once said: “The respect and admiration that I have been achieved through the works of The Wailers, integrity, and blood, sweat & tears, are still left unchallenged with only one exception and that is that of the legendary Beatles. These two symbols, The Wailers and The Beatles, can never be erased, removed and be forgotten from the minds and musical monuments globally. The music industry, their peers, fans, and supporters, shall forever respect, cherish and adore the treasures and legacies given to them by these two legendary groups.” And that’s what this Musical Tribute is all about. RIP Jah B. Your music will live on!


1. Intro by Jah B
2. Blackheart Man
3. Dream Land
4. Walk The Proud Land
5. I Stand Predominate
6. Amagideon (Armagedon)
7. Amagideon Dub
8. Cool Runnings
9. Riding
10. Rootsman Skanking
11. Battering Down Dub
12. Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae
13. Rule Dancehall
14. Ballroom Floor
15. Rise & Shine
16. Solomonic Dub
17. Love Fire
18. Rock ‘n’ Groove
19. Rasta Man
20. Rasta Dub
21. Reincarnated Souls
22. This Train
23. Burial
24. Burial Dub


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