Glen Brown: Sounds From The Rhythm Master
Jamaican singer, musician, and record producer Glen Brown, also known as God Son and The Rhythm Master, began his career in the ’60s as a vocalist with Sonny Bradshaw’s jazz group and recorded duets with Hopeton Lewis, Lloyd Robinson, and Dave Barker. At the beginning of the ’70s, he produced and released records on the Shalimar label before he set up his Pantomine and Dwyer imprints. Record production was largely a hand-to-mouth affair for Glen Brown, whose tunes were often pressed in tiny quantities with labels re-used from previous releases, or occasionally on blank labels. But drop the needle into the groove and his ability as rhythm master is immediately evident. Though he put out some strong vocal tunes, he’s mainly associated with the top-quality instrumental and deejay versions of his highly original and supremely tough backing tracks, underpinned by sinuous, muscular basslines and laced with emphatic, cracking percussion. Glen Brown was accustomed to leave his riddims with King Tubby whom he asked to mix ‘five or six styles’. Once Glen Brown’s distinctive touch is appreciated, this ‘Sounds From The Rhythm Master’ becomes essential listening. Glen Brown died in 2019 at the age of 75.
01 Glen Brown – Pantomine Rock
02 Richie McDonald & Glen Brown – Realize
03 Sylford Walker – Give Thanks And Praise To Jah
04 Welton Irie – Rolling Stone
05 I Roy – Rasta On A Sunday
06 Prince Jazzbo – Mr. Harry Skank
07 Glen Brown – The Winner
08 Richard Hall – Dirty Harry
09 Bobby Ellis & Don Drummond Jr – Determination Skank
10 Glen Brown – Sunshine Showdown
11 Glen Brown & Lloyd Parks – I’m Your Puppet
12 Sylford Walker – Chant Down Babylon
13 Welton Irie – Ghettoman Corner
14 Glen Brown – No More Slavery
15 Glen Brown – Boat To Progress
16 Prince Jazzbo – Mr. Want All
17 I Roy – Festive Season
18 Glen Brown & Glenroy Richards – Save Our Nation
19 Sylford Walker – Lambs Bread
20 Welton Irie – Lambs Bread International
21 Little Roy – Father’s Call
22 Dean Beckford – Father’s Call
23 Glen Brown – School Call)
24 Roman Stewart – Never Too Young To Learn
25 Big Youth – Opportunity Rock
26 Big Youth – Dubble Attack
27 Sylford Walker – Cleanliness Is Godliness
28 Welton Irie – Jah Come
29 Welton Irie – Stone A Throw
30 Glen Brown – Take A Step
31 Gregory Isaacs – One One Coco
32 Glen Brown – Merry Up
33 Glen Brown – Sgt Crackers
34 Ron Wilson – More Music