Wackies Revival - The Vocals

Dub produced by Lloyd ‘Bullwackie’ Barnes is actually the purest form of dub imaginable, all the important elements sound perfect and are used to perfection. The riddims are extremely hypnotic and tearing, the echos and reverbs create wide space and soundscapes, the dramaturgy always holds the tension high throughout the tracks and is full of surprises – and the drum and bass sound is in a league of its own. A special drum booth with aluminum foil on the inside to reflect the sound better was constructed and special paddings were used. The bass is not EQed and often sent through delays – highly unusual for a bass. Barnes was also one of the first to use a sampler (due to good connections in Japan he had one available quite early), and also a MOOG synthesizer can be heard often. The sound itself is 100% analogue and organic, the dubs seem to live on their own thus accomplishing one of the main goals dub set to music. (jahtari.org)


01 Bullwackies All Stars – Addis Ababa Dub
02 Roots Underground – High Times
03 Prince Douglas – Tribesman Dub
04 Wackie’s Rhythm Force – Mystic Dub
05 Reckless Breed – Chin Chow
06 Wayne Jarrett – Dubwise Version
07 Sugar Minott – Mother Land Dub
08 Itopia – Promotion Rock
09 Roots Underground – Tribesman Assault
10 Prince Douglas & Jah Batta – North Of The Border Dub
11 Wackie’s Rhythm Force – Natures Dub
12 Sugar Minott – Genuine Dub
13 The Dub Generals – Brass Pipes
14 Itopia – Sibles In Dub
15 Prince Douglas & Wayne Jarrett – Tongue Shall Tell Dub
16 Naggo Morris – Dub Wise
17 Love Joys – Chances Dub
18 The Shades – Super Dub
19 Prince Douglas & Chosen Brothers – March Down Babylon Dub
20 Jerry Harris – Wackie Version