Wackie’s Revival – The Vocals

by Jul 13, 2021

Wackies Revival - The Vocals
Founded in the 1970s by Lloyd ‘Bullwackie’ Barnes, as the Wackie’s House Of Music based on White Plains Road in New York, the name Wackies also include a record shop and a studio. Wackies music has a distinctive sound. It is bass heavy and deliberately crafted to have what some people call a “lo-fi” sound. Wackies achieved this sound using special recording techniques and equipment. This equipment was so notable that some pieces now have a place in the Les Paul Museum. Popular Jamaican reggae artists such as Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, and Wayne Jarret appeared regularly on the label. However, Lloyd Barnes developed a number of New York-based artists such as: Itopia, Chosen Brothers, Love Joys, Jah Batta, Clive Field Marshall, Dub Generals, and Junior Delahaye, whose releases primarily appeared on the Wackies label. Lloyd Barnes worked with a notable group of studio musicians including Jerry Harris, Ras Menelik. Jerry Johnson, Clive ‘Azul’ Hunt, and Douglas Levy.
01 Jerry Harris – Wackie Music
02 Sugar Minott – Freedom Train
03 Horace Andy – Prophesy
04 Wayne Jarrett – Live And Love
05 Jah Batta – Youthman Time
06 Clive Field Marshall – Rent Man
07 Naggo Morris – Come On And Tell Me
08 The Meditations – I Love Jah
09 Jah Carlos – Prepare Jah Man
10 Sugar Minott – Informer
11 Jah Batta – Informa (Watch It)
12 Love Joys – Stranger
13 Jezzreel – Roman Soldiers
14 Clive Field Marshall – Poor House Rockers
15 Little John – Tear Down the Dance Hall
16 Horace Andy – Serious Thing
17 Bobby Sarkie – Over And Over
18 Jah Tuff – Thriller In Manilla
19 Joe Morgan – Basement Session
20 John Clarke – We Need Some Solution
21 Junior Delahaye – Working Hard For The Rent Man
22 Milton Henry – Who Do You Think I Am
23 Super-T – West Bound D Train
24 Little Roy – Earth
25 Wayne Jarrett – Holy Mount Zion