Reggae Vibes Crew presents Stingray in the Mix

Stingray is a UK-based reggae recording studio and label that emerged as one of the leaders in the music field since it was founded in 1994 by the McLeod brothers. Based in the West London suburb of Perivale, Stingray owns a fully equipped and advanced 24-track professional recording studio. Carlton ‘Dillie’ McLeod and his younger brother Raymond ‘Sting’ McLeod have steadily built a reputation for producing a unique ‘Yard Style’ mixing technique outside Jamaica. The characteristic sound on Stingray’s productions is fairly traditional and filled with classic 1970s Reggae feel, but built with all the advantages of modern studio technology. It’s the mixing expertise from Dillie which provides the very important finishing touch. There’s no excuse for overlooking the consistently and superbly production style of Stingray.


01 Luciano – Visions
02 Michael Rose – Judge Not
03 Tony Curtis – Have I Told You
04 Stingray All Stars – People’s Choice Dub
05 Sammy Levi – I Wanna Be Loved
06 Dave Melbourne – Ever Loving Feeling
07 Bushman – Fill My Cup
08 Tony Curtis – My God Is Real
09 Peter Hunnigale – Lets Be Friends
10 Freddie McGregor – I’ll Do Anything
11 Freddie McGregor – Key To The City
12 Glen Washington – Free Up The Vibes
13 Bushman – Only Jah
14 Tony Curtis & Lukie D – One Of A Kind
15 Vivian Jones – Reggae Lover
16 Norberth Clarke – Love Letters
17 Admiral Tibett – War & Crime
18 Freddie McGregor – Showers Of Blessing
19 Luciano – God & King
20 Al Campbell – Live Up
21 Sylvia Tella – Plastic Smile
22 Natural Black – Prepare
23 Akabu – Stay Cool
24 Frankie Paul – Hurry On Back
25 Spanner Banner – Happiness
26 Bushman – Higher
27 Glen Washington – One Bright Morning
28 Freddie McGregor – Hand In A De Fire
29 Stingray All Stars – Lava Dub


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