Power And The Music

Custom-built sound systems play an important role in reggae music worldwide. In Europe, it draws millions of people to extremely popular events like Notting Hill Carnival, Reggae Buss Festival in Brussels, Belgium, the Amsterdam Dub Weekender in the Netherlands, the 18″ Corner at the Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium, Dub Camp Festival 2021 in Joué-sur-Erdre, France, plus various so-called ‘Dub Club’ parties. Here the Reggae Vibes Crew presents ‘Power And The Music – Sound System Killah’, a selection of tunes that will surely please fans of the aforementioned events.


01. Dubkasm – Placed In Dub
02. Vibronics – Red, Gold & Amp
03. Disciples feat. Teddy Dan & Don Fe – Nah Tek Talk
04. Chazbo – Road To Daibutsu Dubplate Mix
05. Zion Train – State Of Mind
06. Conscious Sounds – Stretch Foot Skank
07. Ten String Meet Unitone – I&I Livity
08. Noel Zebulon Meets Ironworks – International Dubwize Remix
09. Skit
10. Alpha & Omega feat. Paul Fox & Nishka – Freedom Fighters (Ojah Remix)
11. Ojah feat. Nik Torp – What Goes Around Comes Around
12. Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers – Ode To Joy (Ojah Remix)
13. Milton Henry – Modern Prophet (Disciples Mix)
14. Daddy Lion Chandell – Stand Firm
15. Brizion – Dub Firm
16. Kenny Knots – Rise Again (Ashanti Selah Mix)
17. Mighty Massa feat Love Joy – Music Is My Desire
18. Higher Meditation – Live Good
19. Woodub – Ocarina Mix
20. Sax N Dub – Color Of Our Flag
21. Tommy Clarke – Holy Mountain
22. Ras Hassen Ti – 4 Men On Their Horses
23. Mighty Prophet – Cradle Of Civilization
24. Rude Boy feat. Kardi Tivali – Superstylin
25. Majical & Kibir La Amlak – Haile Selassie Dub


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