The Sound Of Beverley's (1969-1971)

Leslie Kong started the Beverley’s record label in 1961 and was the first producer to have international hits with reggae. Chinese Jamaican Kong could proudly state that he had a selection of the best singers and vocal groups on the island. Most of them would achieve their greatest success while at Beverley’s Records in the era of early reggae. Kong also owed his success to his honest dealings with his artists (a rare quality amongst Jamaican producers in the ’60s) and the English distribution of his productions via Island records. Leslie Kong’s productions are often seen as too commercial, with an ‘uptown’ feel, lacking ‘roots’ and the mystisicm of Rastafarianism which would later be linked to the image of reggae. However, the record-buying public, both in Jamaica and England, loved it. The Beverley’s label folded with the untimely death of Leslie Kong in 1971.


01 The Pioneers – Trouble Deh A Bush
02 The Gaylads – Soul Sister
03 Delroy Wilson – Show Me The Way
04 Ken Boothe – Keep My Love From Fading
05 The Wailers – Back Out
06 The Gaylads – Someday I Will Be Free
07 Bruce Ruffin – Bitterness Of Life
08 The Maytals – Walk With Love
09 The Gaylads – Cold Lonely Night
10 Ken Boothe – It’s Gonna Take A Miracle
11 Bruce Ruffin – O-o-h Child
12 The Melodians – Rock It With Me
13 Delroy Wilson – Got To Get Away
14 Peter Tosh And The Wailers – Stop The Train
15 Ken Boothe – Drums Of Freedom
16 The Melodians – It Took A Miracle
17 The Pioneers – Driven Back
18 Bruce Ruffin – I’m The One
19 The Gaylads – It’s All In The Game
20 The Maytals – Peeping Tom
21 The Pioneers – Battle Of Giants
22 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Caution
23 The Melodians – It’s My Delight
24 The Maytals – African Doctor
25 The Gaylads – Don’t Listen To The Rumours
26 Ken Boothe – Now I Know
27 Bruce Downer – Free The People
28 The Pioneers – Money Day
29 The Melodians – Let’s Give Praise And Thanks
30 The Gaylads – There’s A Fire
31 Beverly’s All Stars – Be Yours


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