The Sound Of Beverley's Pt 2

From he started the Beverley’s record label in 1961 op to his untimely death in 1971, Chinese Jamaican producer Leslie Kong worked with nearly all of the top names in Jamaican music, including Derrick Morgan, Stranger Cole, Desmond Dekker, The Maytals, The Melodians, The Pioneers, and The Wailers. in 167, he achieved a big international hits with Desmond Dekker’s “007 (Shanty Town)”, and a massive worldwide smash with the same artist in 1969 with “Israelites”. He crossed over again into the UK national charts with The Pioneers’ “Long Shot Kick De Bucket”, The Melodians’ “Sweet Sensation” and “Rivers Of Babylon”, and The Maytals’ “Monkey Man”. Only few producers came near to matching Beverley’s in terms of hit records, of which many were huge international successes.


01. The Pioneers – Long Shot Kick De Bucket
02. Beverley’s All Stars – Double Shot
03. Carl Dawkins – Don’t Get Weary (Heavy Load)
04. The Clarendonians – Lick It Back
05. The Wanderers – Jaga Jaga War
06. The Kingstonians – I’ll Need You Tomorrow
07. The Slickers – Hoola Bulla
08. The Wanderers – Wiggle Waggle
09. Ken Boothe – Why Baby Why
10. Ansel Collins – Night Of Love
11. The Gaylads – This Time I Won’t Hurt You
12. Ken Boothe – Freedom Street
13. The Wailers – Back Out
14. Derrick Morgan – Tougher Than Tough
15. Desmond Dekker – 007 (Shanty Town)
16. The Maytals – Monkey Man
17. Ansel Collins & Beverley’s All Stars – High Voltage (Monkey)
18. The Wailers – Soul Captives
19. The Melodians – Sweet Sensation
20. Ansel Collins – Cotton Dandy
21. The Maytals – 54-46 (That’s My Number)
22. Desmond Dekker – Israelites
23. Bruce Ruffin – Dry Up Your Tears
24. Joe White – So Much Love
25. The Maytals – She’s My Scorcher
26. The Pioneers – Simmer Down Quashie
27. The Wailers – Soul Shakedown Party
28. Ansel Collins & Beverley’s All Stars – Moon Dust
29. The Mellotones – Gimme Gimme Gal (Banana Water)


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