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The name Osbourne Ruddock, King Tubby, will always be linked with his early ’70s experiments with recorded sounds that the world came to know as Dub. By the early ’80s, Dub was no longer perceived as a cutting edge music and its innovations and inventions had long been assimilated into the musical mainstream. Although King Tubby had already made attempts at producing his own music, it was only with the opening of his new studio and the setting up in 1985 of his Firehouse, Waterhouse, and Taurus labels that he seriously launched himself as a producer. His first hit came with Anthony Red Rose’s epochal “Tempo” and, although King Tubby then released records of varying quality, he also put out top-drawer tunes from King Kong, Lloyd Hemmings, Little John, King Everall, and Lilly Melody.


01. King Tubby – Brand New Sound
02. Conroy Smith – Original Sound
03. Anthony Red Rose – Under Me Fat Thing
04. Noel Davy – Under Mi Fat Thing (Version)
05. Lloyd Hemmings – Rude Boy
06. King Everall – After All
07. Sugar Minott – Play Me
08. King Tubby – Play Play
09. Gregory Isaacs – Badness
10. Courtney Melody – Mental Slavery
11. King Kong – Babylon
12. Pad Anthony – Charge Dem
13. King Tubby – Make Them Pay
14. Tinga Stewart – Dry Up Your Tears
15. Peego & Fatman with King Asha – Dry Up Your Tears (Version)
16. King Everall – Special Singer
17. Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja
18. King Kong & Anthony Red Rose – Two Big Bull Inna One Pen
19. Anthony Red Rose – Tempo
20. Johnny Osbourne – Line Up
21. King Tubby – Tan Good
22. Little John – Fade Away
23. King Tubby – Fade Out
24. King Everall – Automatic
25. Lilly Melody – Pressure Me
26. King Asha – Crank Angle Part 2
27. Banana Man – Take A Lick
28. King Tubby – Lick Shot
29. Trevor ‘Pan Bird’ Levy – Nah Run From No Clash
30. King Tubby – Nah Run Weh
31. Michael Bitas – Die Yu Die
32. King Tubby – Death Row
33. King Everall – Kill Ole Pan
34. King Tubby – Kill A Pan
35. King Tubby – We Rule


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