Magic Sounds Of Channel One

Opened in 1972, the Channel One studio, located on Maxfield Avenue in the heart of the Kingston ghetto and installed with the best recording equipment available, quickly became one of the most popular studios in Jamaica. The studio was set up and owned by the Hookim brothers and their Channel One in-house musicians, known as The Revolutionaries, became one of the most influential bands to ever record in Jamaica. Here’s a selection of storming dubs and instrumentals from this innovative and inventive studio for you to fulljoy.


1. Fire Bun Version
2. Thinking Version
3. War Version
4. Pride & Ambition Version
5. Dunkirk
6. Rema Skank
7. A Who Say Version
8. Back Weh Version
9. Ride On Marcus Version
10. Dance Dis Ya Festival Version
11. King Of The Minstrels
12. CB 200 Version
13. Swell Headed
14. Tivoli Skank
15. Hotter Fire Version
16. Speak Easy
17. Kunta Kinte Version One
18. School Days Version
19. Counter Attack
20. Woman Is Like A Shadow Version
21. Catonine Version
22. Ballistic Affair Version
23. Black Man Version
24. Ragnampaiza Version
25. Have Mercy Version
26. Girl I Love You Version
27. Plantation Heights
28. Jailhouse Version
29. Answer Me Question Version
30. Rootes Dub


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