King Tubby The Producer - Firehouse Label
Osbourne Ruddock better known as King Tubby is best known for his successful efforts on the dub front. With the opening of his studio in the mid-1980s, he also set up a few labels such as Firehouse, Waterhouse, and Taurus for releasing his productions. This is the first of three Mixcloud posts, featuring personal favorites of King Tubby productions. For this mix I picked tunes issued on his FireHouse label.
Artists include Anthony Red Rose, John Wayne, Lilly Melody, Lady Junie, Pan Bird, Super Barry, Little John, Phantom, Banana Man & Derrick Irie and more.
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1. Anthony Red Rose – Worries Again
2. Banana Man & Derrick Irie – Tight Clothes
3. Lady ‘Mackrel’ Worries – Don Girl
4. Sanchez – My Girl
5. Flourgon – Love Mi Girl
6. Super Black – Rising Star
7. Little John – No Teck No Set
8. Super Barry – Don’t Distress
9. Inner Vibes – Trial And Crosses
10. King Kong – A.I.D.S.
11. Lilly Melody – Older Than Me
12. John Wayne – Me No Response
13. Don Angilo – Try Tes Wi Nuh
14. Junior Mervin – Armageddon
15. Horace Martin – I Can’t Believe It
16. Phantom – Kock Out Batty
17. Lady Junie – Jamaican Man
18. Pan Bird – Grace
19. Leroy Gibbons – Some More
20. Thriller U – Juggling

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